T-Mobile Starting to Really Grind My Gears

Maybe I shouldn’t be as pissed as I am but, for me, I like using my Apple card for autopay because I get 3% back with T-Mobile charges. What I like to do is use my CCs to max my rewards / cash back and then pay off my card each month.

Maybe I’m overreacting, but I’m not happy about this. Of course I don’t want to pay an additional $40 a month on my phone bill so yes, I’m switching autopay to a Privacy card, but F—, man.

Okay, I’m done lol

Edit 6/6/1023: So I made a new virtual card but when I add it to my T-Mobile account the site adds it and says it’s not supported for the discount. They’re going to force me to enter a physical debit card or bank account or pay an additional $40/month.

T-Mobile really has been sucking with their service strength in NY. But they’re doing very well at driving me crazy.

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It’s super annoying, I also got the notification yesterday. Other carriers have been in that boat for a while already. @hemmes


Is that real? That’s screwed up, my CC offers insurance on my phone if I pay my bill using it and I get cash back. I’d switch carriers over this.

Visible is worth looking at if you’re upset enough.


Pretty pissed, I’ve seen them and will check it out, thank you!

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