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Bonjour :mastodon: !
Je crains d'être un psychopathe ! Je me rends compte que je sévis tous les 30 ans.
1994 : a Mogador
2024 : à la Seine Musicale
1994 : à Londres
2024 : au Châtelet (fin d'année)
A ce rythme, plus que 12 ans pour revoir (enfin à l'époque c'était à Mexico).
Et 18 ans pour .
Faut que je sévisse plus souvent !
Faites (vous) plaisir ! 🤗 😘

Kahte, avatar

@shamphalai tu n'es pas un psychopathe mais un amateur nuance ^^ 😘

drrimmer, avatar

Groundhog Day review – Tim Minchin’s musical is a delight again, and again, and again

Nonilex, avatar

, Electrifying Star of & Beyond, Has Died at 91

Appearing in scores of stage productions, she dazzled audiences for nearly six decades, most memorably starring as Anita in “West Side Story” & Velma Kelly in “Chicago.”

EricBranse, avatar

This is show week for the seniors at Berwickshire High School which has a brilliant music department. Well worth coming to see. Their productions would grace a professional stage.

EricBranse, avatar

Duns (population under 3000) is remarkable. I've just got home from a planning meeting for Duns Playfest (8 day festival of new theatre), daughter just finished dress rehearsal for 9-5 The Musical, Wednesday Duns Players start rehearsal for a Murder Mystery, Thursday Duns Operatic are rehearsing Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. All will be brilliant I'm sure.

EricBranse, avatar

Just got home from seeing the Berwickshire High School's production of the Musical 9-5. Absolutely brilliant ensemble cast. The confidence and talent of these youngsters is wonderful to see. Just two nights left to catch it. Last night is Saturday.

rust_tin_can, avatar

I’ll be seeing this production of ’s this weekend. I can’t wait!

rust_tin_can, avatar

@seanbala I’m pretty lucky to live close enough to get to London easily… but not have to pay London prices to live there! 😅

seanbala, avatar

@rust_tin_can Haha...I hear that. I live in Chicago which is relatively well priced but I have many friends who live in New York City (and by NYC I mean they live in New Jersey because no one can afford to live in NYC)...

Edent, avatar

🆕 blog! “Theatre Review: Alan Cumming is not acting his age”

What a treat! Alan Cumming has the amazing gift of making a 2,000 seat venue feel like an intimate little club. The Crown-Prince of Scotland spent two hours regaling us with tales from Hollywood and singing his heart out. The name-dropping is outrageous! The stories scandalous! The singing fabu…

👀 Read more:

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Time to start writing my, hopefully accepted, presentations on in (beginner & advanced 20 min each)...

br00t4c, avatar

Prince's 'Purple Rain' to become a Broadway musical adapted by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

br00t4c, avatar

After 40 Years, Prince's 'Purple Rain' Is Becoming A Broadway Musical

Hotchka, avatar

A stage musical adaptation of the film "Purple Rain" is in the works, which will feature the music of Prince with a book based on the film's screenplay. More details about cast, premiere and venue will come at a later date.

br00t4c, avatar
br00t4c, avatar

Nicole Scherzinger to Debut on Broadway in 'Sunset Boulevard' After Hit U.K. Run

br00t4c, avatar

Maurice Hines, Broadway Actor, Choreographer & Dancer, Dies at 80

spocko, avatar

I love the music & the work of the choreographer, Christopher Gattelli. I JUST learned that he choreographed in so now I HAVE to go see it in the theater.

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