UK musicals casting news roundup: Rebecca, Sinatra, Flowers for Mrs Harris

Joining Tony Winner Matt Doyle as Sinatra in the jukebox show Sinatra the Musical at Birmingham Rep in September 2023 are Ana Villafañe as Ava Gardner and Phoebe Panaretos as Frank’s first wife, Nancy Sinatra. Also in the cast are Dawn Buckland as Dolly Sinatra, Vincent Riotta as Marty Sinatra, and Carl Patrick as George Evans. Little Nancy will be played by Amelia Connor, Effie Gell and Isla Granville. Completing the company are Maddy Ambus (as Marlene Dietrich), Lindsay Atherton (as Swing), Tyler Orphé Baker (as Nat King Cole), Greg Bernstein (as Gene Kelly), Samara Casteallo (as Ensemble), Helen Colby (as Hedda Hopper) Alastair Crosswell (as Ensemble), Frances Dee (as Judy Garland), Alex Gibson-Giorgio (as Nelson Riddle), Ryesha Higgs (as Billie Holiday), Stevie Hutchinson (as Lee Mortimer), Lottie Power (as Lana Turner), Spin (as Sammy Davis, Jr) and John Stacey (as Mitch Miller).

The full cast of Rebecca, the English language production of the German Michael Kunze and Sylvester Levay musical, at London's Charing Cross Theatre has been announced: Richard Carson, Lauren Jones and Kara Lane star as Maxim de Winter, the Second Mrs De Winter (one of the weirder character names) and Mrs Danvers. The rest of the cast are: Alex James-Ward, Piers Bate, Sarah Harlington, David Breeds, Amanda Minihan, Neil Moors, Nicholas Lumley, Nigel-Joseph Francis, Elliot Swann, Scott McClure, Emily Apps, Melanie Bright, Gail MacKinnon, Tarisha Rommick, James Mateo-Salt and Rosie Glossop. Season plays from 4 September 2023.

Jenna Russell has been announced as the eponymous Mrs Harris in [Flowers for Mrs Harris](✿ s-for-mrs-harris-76122/), the Richard Taylor and Rachel Wagstaff musical based on the Paul Gallico novel. Season plays from end of September 2023 at London's Riverside Studios.

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