Disney's Beauty and the Beast to Embark on Reimagined North American Tour

A reimagined production of Beauty and the Beast will embark on a North American tour in June 2025.

The tour will hold technical rehearsals and begin performances at Schenectady's Proctors Theatre in June 2025, before an official opening at Chicago's Cadillac Palace Theatre in July. In August, the tour will stop at Minneapolis' Orpheum Theatre. Casting and a full itinerary for the two-year tour route will be announced at a later date. A spokesperson for Disney says there's currently no Broadway plans for this new production.

Prouvaire avatar

I saw this new version in Australia and liked it. I wouldn't describe it as a reimagining of the original production, but it's also more than just a few tweaks. The only issue I had with it was that the make up for the Beast really downplayed the beastliness. He looked more like a guy with a couple of prosthetics on his face.

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