Australian Sunset Boulevard cast revealed

Opera Australia and GWB Entertainment announced the performers who will join Sarah Brightman in the Australian production of Sunset Boulevard.

Joining Brightman are Tim Draxl as Joe Gillis, Robert Grubb as Max Von Mayerling, Ashleigh Rubenach as Betty Schaefer, Jarrod Draper as Artie Green and Paul Hanlon as Cecil B. DeMille.

Silvie Paladino will play Norma Desmond on Tuesday evenings and Wednesday matinees.

The full cast is here.

The Australian production will be directed by Paul Warwick Griffin with set and costume design by Morgan Large, choreography by Ashley Wallen, and musical supervision by Kristen Blodgette.

The show opens in Melbourne in May 2024 before transferring to Sydney in August 2024.

Prouvaire avatar

I'm really excited that Silvie Paladino will be the alternate Norma. She has one of the best voices in the country and suspect I'll prefer her Norma to Sarah Brightman.

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