Wow, Donald Trump would encourage world war 3.

What a tosser.

Let’s get a chain of your favourite regional specific insults going.

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German: Schlappschwanz.


Republicans: The demonic rats only want war. They want death and destruction.

Also The republicans:

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This man is a complete monster, and nothing even surprises me with him anymore. Every time I think he can’t get any worse, he gets worse.

He’s just a horrible person to the core.

Earlier last week I saw this article and marveled at how Trump was so absolutely dreadful that I was agreeing with Anne Coulter. Never even thought that would be possible.


Multigenerational trauma is a hell of a drug. Access to good treatment makes no difference, as long as we keep ignoring root causes.


I kinda like how he’s just saying the dumbest shit so much more frequently now. Once he’s the GOP nominee and will be getting a ton of media requests, what more dumb shit will he say?


Clear and present danger.


He’s like a walking hypocrisy. The biggest deadbeat in the history of deadbeats thinks our allies should pay up or be executed by Russia.

Riiiight, Diaper Donnie. Why don’t we get you back to the old-age home. I hear it’s almost time for pudding.


He can’t have any pudding because he didn’t eat his meat.

graycube, (edited )

I have friends who tell me they like Trump because he is "strong". I asked them for examples where "strong" was not just a code word for racist and sexist. I'm wondering if they'll come back with this as an example of being strong?


He’s a weak man’s idea of a strong man.

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It’s amazing how partisan the average republican is. With so many of them it’s like they have a mental block that stops them from seeing how Trump violates almost all of their morals, and how Biden actually meets them.

I have spoken to people who say that “if Trump were in office, Putin never would have attacked Ukraine.”

I have also spoken to people who say “Trump would have stopped October 7th and hamas would be destroyed.”

All of the the information we have says that these would be so much worse under Trump. He is weak, sucks up to Russia, blackmailed Ukraine, and has such a poor understanding of the world that his interventions do nothing to stabilize the world (quite the opposite).


They see it; they just don’t care when it’s their people.

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Man with Brain of 9 year old has many followers.


It’s elementary. People with the brains of nine year olds follow people who behave like nine year olds.

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This man is evil.

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