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This was hilarious.

As a side note, the level of stupid MAGA is displaying is beyond ridiculous. For the uninitiated, my understanding of the conspiracy theories are as follows:

  1. Taylor Swift tells her fans to register to vote (not WHO to vote for, just that they should register to vote.)
  2. This upsets MAGA
  3. Taylor Swift starts dating Travis Kelce, who is the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, who won the Super Bowl last year.
  4. The Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL notice an uptick in viewers because Swifties are watching football because Taylor Swift is at the games.
  5. NFL and KC Chiefs lean into Travis & Taylor’s relationship and laugh their way to the bank.
  6. MAGA gets even more upset.
  7. MAGA starts conspiracy theory that Taylor Swift is secretly a CIA agent.
  8. KC Chiefs make it all the way to the Super Bowl again.
  9. Trump says that Taylor Swift would be very disloyal if she endorsed Biden and claims that he (Trump) is somehow responsible for her success.
  10. MAGA decides that they need to root against the Kansas City Chiefs because Taylor Swift=Bad and instead root for “socialist, radical-left” San Francisco 49ers (nothing makes sense anymore smh).
  11. The KC Chiefs win the Super Bowl.
  12. MAGA says the deep state and Agent Swift rigged the Super Bowl.
  13. Biden’s team posts Dark Brandon with the caption “Just like we drew it up.”
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MAGA decides that they need to root against the Kansas City Chiefs because Taylor Swift=Bad and instead root for “socialist, radical-left” San Francisco 49ers (nothing makes sense anymore smh).

I hadn't realised they were all therefore supporting the San Francisco team. That is next level - 'supporting the libs to own libs!'

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Lol it was quite interesting to see MAGA rooting against Kansas City (a city on the border of two deep red states, Missouri & Kansas) and rooting for San Francisco, the city they wish would fall off into the Pacific.

It’s stuff like this that makes me think that, at least to many republican voters, politics is not a serious thing and they are not a serious political party. It’s really all just team sports to them.

They don’t really care about policy or care to think about policy, they just support whatever “their team” supports.

Unfortunately for everyone else, their party is controlled by lying lunatics who do care about enacting the worst policy imaginable.

Edit: added a word.


Don’t forget the fact that MAGA World is big mad at Kelce because he was in a Pfizer vaccine commercial.

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Lol I forgot about that!

In a nutshell, I think the thing that pisses off MAGA the most with these two is they see Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce as two people who are supposed to be on “their side” but aren’t.

Taylor Swift a started as a country singer and they listened to her music as “one of us real ‘Muricans” for years.

Travis Kelce is a professional American Football (a true ‘Muricans sport) player who was born & raised in Ohio and pretty much checks all the boxes a “real ‘Murican man” is supposed to be for MAGA, but then he endorses Pfizer (amongst other things).

They both are kinda a violation of MAGA’s world view, and now they’re “being shoved in their faces” (Taylor with the grammy record, Kelce with the Super Bowl) with hilarious results because the “only way this could be happening is because the of Deep State.”

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