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@reviewspace If we're using boomer shooter to refer to games like Doom and Duke Nukem 3D, this is decidedly not as old school in its design as those.

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@ampersandrew "Boomer shooter" is not a term coined by me, as well as the category this game belongs to 😊 By the way I think it's not bad at all. Of course playing the real thing on a real retro console is another thing, that's why I still keep my Amiga 600 👍

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@reviewspace No, it's not a term coined by you, but it's typically been used to refer to new games that are harkening back to a design older than what Phantom Fury appears to be aiming for. Phantom Fury looks to be channeling a more post-Half-Life vibe

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@ampersandrew @reviewspace On the one hand, this dilutes the meaning of the term "boomer shooter".

On the other hand, the term "boomer shooter" is deeply stupid and it deserves to be diluted into oblivion.

(Games like Doom and Duke Nukem 3D were neither played by or developed by Boomers. They were developed by and mostly played by Gen-X. The "first person shooter" that Boomers experienced was getting drafted to fight in 'Nam.)

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