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That means nothing. Those words in that order have no meaning.


They had contributions to the engine from AMD's engineers to make it run smoother, particularly on AMD hardware. I'd imagine this isn't horribly uncommon for big releases though.

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Having a relationship with hardware manufacturers for AAA releases is pretty much a given. I guarantee somebody talked to Nvidia at some point, too.

The whole "partnership" thing is mostly a marketing deal thing. They sure went above and beyond with the behind the scenes video, and hey, maybe they DID bring over some of the relationship to the PC to make it get solid driver support and hardware-specific tweaks on the game side and it WILL punch above its weight on AMD GPUs.

But as a statement I stick by my read of it being rather pointless and likely entirely marketing-driven.


Perfect time to add in FSR's next generation! Kinda hoping this doesn't have the same visual-downgrading effect that FF16 has with its FSR implementation.

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