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I haven't played Cyberpunk since it initially dropped. I assume it's gotten better since then. I, however, have zero interest in pre-ordering the DLC.


I’m crossing my fingers hoping they’ll eventually have the option for 3rd-person game play, similar to Skyrim (and Starfield!). It feels like a waste to spend time collecting cool clothing and armor, as well as customizing our character, only to see them occasionally in a mirror.


I wish the same thing (but won’t hold my breath!) I’ve tried the third person mod and it’s okay, but fairly janky.

Why did they spend all that time making character customisation, for you to barely even see it during gameplay?

I get that it probably made the development a lot easier, but it feels so restrictive and is a disappointing aspect of the game for me.


Do you think this one will go better? I can see if it is hyped up less it could be a lot more successful off the bat, and it seemed like the actual game play is pretty fun at this point.

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