@Dick_Justice@lemmy.world avatar

Resident Evil 0.... it was too long, too hard, and the leeches grossed me out


Do the DOS Mega Man games count?

exohuman avatar

Those were my first Mega Man games. Turned me off the franchise for years.

karaage avatar

Diablo 3. I don’t think it’s a bad game or anything. The art style of the game looked completely different than the first two Diablos in my opinion. It also felt a lot more arcadey than an ARPG if that makes any sense.

EnigmaNL avatar

Dragon Age 2. For some reason it gives me anime vibes and I hate anime. It didn't look, sound or feel anything like the previous game at all.

@Vcio@lemmy.world avatar

Bioshock Infinite, felt more like a shooter with uninspired gameplay elements.

Bartlebad avatar

Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth. There are other less then stellar games in the Civ franchise that I haven't played like Starships. Beyond Earth, though, was a day 1 purchase for me, and it wasn't -terrible-, but it left a lot to be desired.

@simple@lemmy.world avatar

Dark Souls 2: SotFS. I actually kinda like Dark Souls 2, but I think I'm upset the most at how it could've been potentially much better without making radical changes. When they announced the remaster (scholar of the first sin), I was excited that they'd go back and fix it. Hot take? They just made it worse.

They made enemy placements a lot worse and more spammy than ever. They hid the DLC keys in annoying areas. They changed a lot of item placements for no reason other than make the game feel fresh, and some of the new placements made little sense. They also didn't remove adaptability or go for any low-hanging fruit fixes.

It was just a bummer. DS2 could've been a lot better.


I’d agree with this.

I feel like overall DS2 just has so many areas that while it has some amazing things (Fume knight one of the best bosses in any souls game IMO) it just has so much forgettable stuff too.

That and the fact that so many areas (and even bosses) are only made hard because they throw multiples at you, it makes it worse than the others in the series.

However…. I probably played more multiplayer in ds2 than in all others combined. Don’t know if it was due to balance, the overall slower mechanics of combat or whatever, but I enjoyed it.


Absolutely agree. SotFS felt like they took the original game and just tossed a randomizer on.

iAmTheTot avatar

Don't necessarily agree that SotFS made it worse, but I agree that DS2 is my least favourite of the series. Which makes it one of my favourite games of all time.

@simple@lemmy.world avatar

DS2 is my least favorite of the series . Which makes it one of my favorite games

Couldn't have said it myself. I like to diss on DS2 a lot, but that's only because I love dark souls so much.


Agreed, The enemy placements in SotFS were deranged at times. The changes to Heide Knights were a mistake, changing them from cool wandering enemies like the Black Knights to being rarely encountered outside of Heide. Iron Keep got absolutely swamped with Alonne Knights in the upgrade making it a nightmare. Idk how anyone was meant to find the DLC keys without looking at a guide. Why exactly you find the key to the Brume DLC in that random pit with the Flame Lizards in the Forest of the Fallen Giants and not from the Old Iron King befuddles me.

@simple@lemmy.world avatar

Iron Keep got absolutely swamped with Alonne Knights

Haha yeah the Iron Keep turning into a conga line of knights running after you was a popular meme at the time. Glad I'm not the only one who remembers in this thread!

I also miss old faith builds when DS2 first released. At the time you'd get 11 lightning spears for 1 spell slot, and in one of the updates they reduced it to 3 and nerfed its damage. I had to do a triple take on the patch notes because that was my current build. Still hurts.


Man so true, as decent of a game as it is, it hurts playing DS2 because of the untapped potential. It says something about the "bones" of the game that even with all of its issues it is still a memorable experience.

There is supposed to be some modder developing a total conversion that tries to deliver on that potential but as with any total conversion mod you never know whether it will release or not. But I hope it does so that the potential can finally be done justice.


First Uncharted, because of the jet ski and nazi zombies.


Oops not PC. My bad.

n0stalghia avatar

Borderlands 3. The writing just murders it, and the combat doesn't carry it for me. 1, 2, TPS, Wonderlands all have better stories, so I enjoy them more.

EDIT: aw, shit, you said favorite franchise... hm... Dragon Age: Origins then? I enjoyed DA2/DAI way more, because of the story/quests.

EDIT 2: you know what, Half-Life: Alyx. I actively hated that game despite playing it in best possible conditions. It's cumbersome, slow, and too much "survival-horror" instead of an FPS.

s804 avatar

oh really? i though people really enjoyed alyx


To me half life 2 and alyx feel more like tech demos then actual well rounded great games. They obviously aren't bad, but over rated for what they are.


Wait what? HL2 a tech demo??


most people do. i loved it. but OP said he doesnt like survival horror and i do.

EnigmaNL avatar

Kinda weird because it doesn't even have any survival aspects. I love HL:A.

n0stalghia avatar

I'm generally not a fan of survival or horror games. Even Outer Wilds (especially so its DLC) were too "heavy" for me; stuff like Amnesia or Resident Evil I don't touch at all. So Alyx was a very bad hit for me.

I think generally, Alyx is liked. But not a lot of people played it.


Lots of console titles in the comments here. Easy answer there is Zelda 2.

To answer the question as posed, though, Star Control 3 was a massive disappointment after its amazing predecessor.

exohuman avatar

I loved Zelda 2 as a kid. I loved the lore, reading the background story over and over and imagining what it would be like to be Link, fighting to keep your blood from being back Ganon. My brother and I would cheer each other on while taking on the dungeons. Dark Link had us horrifically surprised and it was the first RPG we beat. Great memories around that one.

s804 avatar

i have watched zelda 2 playthrough and it actually looked really fun, even if it was very different!

some_guy avatar

Fuck the haters, Zelda 2 is the only game in the entire series I’ve played to completion.

All the other ones are super boring. I gave up on Zelda completely on Ocarina of Time.

ShaunaTheDead avatar

This is going to be a very unpopular opinion, but Elder Scrolls peaked at Morrowind. Oblivion was a pretty big step down in quality, and Skyrim was a completely washed out shell of former Elder Scrolls games. I absolutely hated Skyrim and I don't understand why it gets such universal praise from gamers.

exohuman avatar

I enjoyed all 3 even though they were all very different. I will say that I spent countless hours in Morrowind, many hours in Skyrim, and less in Oblivion (but I beat that one on purpose just not to feel addicted to it).


I think many people that like Skyrim now like the mods, hehehe.


Do you hate Skyrim in general? Or as an Elders Scrolls game?

ShaunaTheDead avatar

Both. It held the players hand way too much, literally quest markers leading you straight where you needed to go which I know is a modern gaming thing but I actually loved that in the older games the quest giver just kind of hinted at where you might find the quest resolution and you had to use your knowledge of the game to piece it together. The story and side-stories of Skyrim were subpar, Morrowind had a ton of side stories that were interesting. One that sticks out in my mind is that every once in awhile you'd see this Orc just racing around at super high speeds non-stop. If you managed to catch up to him, or kill him, you'd find that he has magical shoes on. If you put them on, you find out that they give you super speed, but they're cursed so that you can never stop. Just great, interesting and/or funny stuff like that that rewards your curiosity was simply non-existent in Skyrim afaik.


for me, mods make it better. i do remove quest markers for that more morrowind feel. i play in VR now though and since i beat the game i mostly sit at inns, get a menu and order food. all because of mods


I love Skyrim as a modding platform but I really feel you. So much has been lost on quest design from even Oblivion, much less Morrowind. I think Bethesda hedged their bets on exploration being the selling point way too much and it's becoming more and more apparent this has resulted in their quest design and stories suffering. First it was Skyrim, then Fallout 4, and then 76. I am not looking forward to the writing of quests in Starfield.

I am sure that it will do well, because most people love the sandbox exploration of it but imo an rpg lives or dies by its quest and story and I honestly feel as if Bethesda just doesn't have that in them any more.

some_guy avatar

100% agree.

Morrowind was the peak, oblivion burned me so bad I slept on fallout 3 until after new vegas came out.

rcoelho14 avatar

Football Manager 2009

It's the first 3D game and it shows.
After FM2008, my favourite, it was a bit of a disapointment.
Then FM2010 was good, improved on FM11, and FM12 is considered by some people to be the peak of the series.

Coincidentally or not, the last Championship Manager was in 2009/2010, and FIFA Manager's last was 2013/2014, and now Football Manager has been stagnating a bit (or getting worse in some places) because it has no competition in the market anymore.


Thief: Deadly Shadows. A soulless console adaptation of an OG immersive sim.


I agree it doesn't quite catch the flavor of the first two, but do you actually think it's worse than Thi4f?


No, that is worse. I actually lumped them both into one abomination in my mind.


I just never could get into BOTW/TOTK, they never felt or played like a Zelda game


I liked BOTW once I got used to it and I think TOTK improves on it a lot, but I think you're absolutely right that they don't play like a Zelda game. I'm really hoping they finally port WW/TP because as much as I'm enjoying TOTK it does make me miss the traditional style.


Half-Life Alyx. It doesn't play anything like the older titles, and I mean that even in terms of VR games. Boneworks is more of a Half-Life game than Half-Life Alyx, while Alyx feels more like a Resident Evil game. It's slow, movement is limited, there are a grand total of 4 weapons (all one-handed, no melee), and enemy variety is incredibly downgraded from prior titles. It's not necessarily a bad title or anything, but after twelve years it's not what I wanted and I had a lot more fun playing games like HL1 or even Resident Evil 4 on my Quest 2 because the ports of these games were trying to introduce more freedom to great games instead of taking freedom away for fear of making a lesser game.

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