Hmm, I haven't really gotten sick so far, but now I'm wondering if I just didn't experienec it long enough. Feels like my tolerance has been decreasing with age too, some first-person games just make me want to throw up nowadays.


And it turns out I’m not in the minority. The latest figures gathered in 2022 estimate that between 40-70% of users experience sickness within 15 minutes of exposure. For women specifically, it’s even higher, up to 80%. And we don’t know why

What figures? This is shit journalism when they reference a “figure” and then don’t provide a source.

What headsets were they using and what software were they running? Because this is going to have a tremendous impact on the so-called “rift-sick” factor.

Not going to speak for anyone else but thus far, the only thing that makes me sick is roller-coaster-type demos.


I definitely feel sick after 30 minutes of PSVR2. It doesn’t matter which game. It’s just anecdotal but there’s also the issue where none of the VR games come close to the quality non-VR games. The PSVR2 is getting less use than my Switch.


Not a study, but the claims seem to come from this article.



That article seems to be based on this research:


But I don’t have time to look for those specific stats at the moment.

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I played with the Oculus Rift CV1 for a long time and never really got over the this. If I played regularly I sort of got used to it, but I still found that having a fan on and a bottle of water nearby was necessary to avoid getting a headache or nausea. If I ever had a period of a few weeks of not playing it, my “tolerance” quickly went back to zero.

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As much as I want to like VR, it just makes me so nauseous. Even games attempting to mitigate motion sickness make me nauseous.

There's a game on PSVR called RIGS. It's a high speed sports game. That game made me nauseous in about thirty seconds and the nausea lasted for hours. Such a dreadful experience.

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The best VR experience I’ve had was at a local VR arcade where they have multiple wireless units and a large space to move around and play purpose-built games in. No nausea other than when I stepped into a no-zone behind a (real) pillar and the tracking system desynced from the headset for a few moments.

I think that application was where VR really shines to its full potential. But for people to use in their homes, at desks? Not so much.

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