What's the "One Game" that you play at least once a year?

Do you have that "One Game" that you seems to come back to every year like a clockwork? Replaying it either just for the sake of it, nostalgia, or even finishing it again?

I got a few. Skyrim is one of them but it's most likely just to have fun with installing mods and then play it only for an hour xD But I got one that I always replay and finish once a year, which is Mass Effect Trilogy, and recently the Remastered version of it.

How about you?


Perfect Dark
Still the best couch multiplayer shooter


I replay all the fromsoft rpgs on their corresponding anniversaries.

tal avatar

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

Single-player, open-world post-apocalyptic zombie survival roguelike. Always has new stuff being added to it and has for years. Come back after being away for a bit, and there's a ton of new stuff.


Duke Nukem 3D, Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and GTA 3, for me. They just feel cozy at this point...!

Winter-Lantern avatar

Mirror's Edge

@Psymonkee@lemmy.world avatar

Gotta be Skyrim or Borderlands 2 for me, always installed, always ready to play. Lots of different ways to play both games and they both scratch slightly different itches.

Currently it's Borderlands 2 season 😎


Classic Doom/Doom 2, as there's an endless number of wads and mods for it, I would say I play it even more than just once a year, its probably more like a few times a month

EvaUnit02 avatar

1994's X-Com.

@ilovededyoupiggy@sh.itjust.works avatar

Dragon Warrior for the NES. Sometimes with game genie cheats, sometimes clean.

Also, Portal. It was a triumph.

@Venicon@lemmy.world avatar

Dude, same. Mass Effect and Skyrim are my tattoo ‘always on’ games. And The Witcher 3 demands attention also.

Notamoosen avatar

Red Dead Redemption 2. Still my favorite in game story of all time.


Not every year, but I've played through Morrowind completely at least five times, And each time I'll spend a couple hundred hours easily in that world.

terrrmus avatar

City of Heroes and Ultima Online (Outlands).

Lells avatar

Dwarf Fortress, going on 15 years now!


For me it's gotta be a driving game of some sort. Whether American/Euro Truck Simulator, or one of the Forza Horizons, or Dirt Rally. Whenever I'm itching for some escapism I'll play those games while catching up on podcasts. No Man's Sky as well

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