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For anyone playing it on Steam Deck, the devs are going to be adding Face It Anti Cheat which is incompatible with linux devices. And for anyone who needs virtualization for work and other activities, Face It Anti Cheat forces you to turn it off from bios before playing the game.


Well shit.


Yeah, I was going to pick it up, until I saw that.


Wow, I haven't had this visceral of a "fuck you" reaction to something since Tencent's anticheat came out.

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I use Linux, but cheating in multiplayer competitive games just destroys games. I can see where they're coming from.

I mean, stuff like this isn't a fantastic solution, but there really isn't much of a fantastic solution.


Maybe it'd be possible to sell some sort of glorified USB dongle that a wide range of games could use that has a trusted computer inside and then stream sensitive data to it and have it only expose data to the host computer if it's necessary for the player to see it. That won't help with, say, aimbotting, but it could deal with "see through walls" hacks and the like. And you could implement some anti-cheat checking stuff on the dongle that you can't easily do remotely for stuff like aimbots, like get access to all mouse movements and such.

That could also be cross-platform. Have someone like Valve sell it.

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Man, I don't use linux or a steam deck, but that seems like a poor choice in the long run. Seems like more people are using linux for gaming all the time.

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They said that cheating is way more important to battle than the 1% of gamers on Linux. I can see the point. Epic doesn't exactly stop it. It's only a matter of time that cheaters get rampant IMO.

I believe that Linux players just can't join official servers and they plan to have community servers eventually.


There are already community servers, but at present you don't earn XP on them. I believe they've said that eventually they will change this, but I don't know the timeline. As long as they get it done before adding Faceit, I think it'd be a perfectly fine compromise.


For official servers, they've said custom servers will use easy anti cheat so should still work on steam deck.

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It's only if they opt in and also only if you're ok with not being able to save or keep your progress.


So glad this is top comment here


When are they planning to make the change?

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So you could say there's a catch.

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Thanks, just saved me $15


Too bad. I was interesting into the game, but then this is a nogo. Thank you for the warning.


This is my favorite multiplayer shooter since Battlefield 3.

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I originally found this game when 2042 came out and this looked like bit of a meme on battlefield. Hopped on the playtest with friends and it was an absolute blast. Played in most of the playtests and got it on launch, what a banger for £12.

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Battlebit bit is well worth the money. Its crazy how it blew up. Today when I couldn't find a single U.S server with an open spot.

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This looks awesome, gonna check it out.


absolutely insane value for 15EUR. There are a lot of games this year to enjoy, but if you're looking for MP you can't go wrong here.


Despite the "no microtransactions" label, the communication all-around for the cosmetics kinda sucks and I want to clarify some stuff.

  1. While there is an absolute ton of stuff to unlock in-game, a bunch of armors and handful of weapon skins are labeled stuff like "VIPs only" and "Veterans only."
  2. In reality, most of that stuff is available via the "Supporter Pack" for $20. The only exceptions here are some scoreboard icons and anything labeled "Veterans only" or "Content Creator only."
  3. Despite plenty of paid/event/status cosmetics being shown in the menus, that's not actually everything. For example, there are currently Twitch drops available to get purple gun skins for a bunch of weapons.

But unlike games like CoD, you can ignore the vast majority of this shit and just play. There's no in-game store or anything, you load the game up and they just go "here's all the available quickplay modes and the community servers button, have fun."


I personally feel like the “no-microtransactions” label is still accurate despite these inclusions. It’s free to link your twitch to your battlebit account and watch some streams for the drops if you really want the purple skins.

The supporter pack is really just some skins to say thanks to anybody who wants to throw some extra money to the developers. The game already has a really low cost of entry anyway so I see no issue with this.

With you not being able to pick up weapons off the ground, I’ll be honest I haven’t really noticed the skins that anybody else has. Seems to really just be for you and you alone.

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    70,154 concurrent players already. Well done.

    Excited to try it.

    Edit: Typo

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    Sounds like the game is quite deep


    Lol. Typo. Oops!

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    Thanks for the recommendation.


    The game is outstanding, guys. Nuff said. Made by four people. It goes to show how out of touch big development studios are when gameplay takes a back seat and they can't make something with the fun factor.

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    Too many games focus on being all around productions instead of games. Its why nintendo is still my favorite major developer


    This. They're selling an experience, not just...a game. It's a fuckload of sizzle for a relatively tiny and bland sausage.

    It's funny how you get the mainstream gamer crowd lose their shit over a lot of Nintendo games for selling well - despite the "bad" graphics and "kiddy" themes, and I'm just like..."The gameplay is solid. That's what makes games good."

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