mikebabyak, Spanish
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Have this tribute gig coming up in at the Lincoln on Saturday so I sat down with my last night to make sure the internal Fishman still worked. Of course, it didn’t. So, a little heavy duty double sided tape and an old Lawrence and I’m back in business. Sounds pretty great, too!

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@mikebabyak gorgeous hunk o wood n metal there

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I learned so much messing around with the tree dataset that I decided to redo Nosy Raleigh. So far so good.

mzedp, Spanish
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This is my kind of biker bar.

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Several months ago I connected the tree set to nearby -listed locations and from there to a ChatGPT API call. Find trees in Raleigh, find things near trees, have trees tell you about nearby things.

I've learned enough in the time since that I'm readdressing the project and expanding it a lot, with more information available to/from the tree.


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Last night and this morning I was doing all the initial setup and getting the API calls in place.

Now i'm amusing myself by setting the tree mood in the ChatGPT prompt to sarcastic and asking it to describe its location. 😂

"So, here we are on Bike Route, Ridge Road, Glen Eden, Raleigh, North Carolina. It's a real hoot, let me tell you. The cyclists whizzing by, the sweet hum of traffic in the distance, the occasional bird using me as a bathroom. Ah, the joys of tree life."


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mzedp, Spanish
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So if the city of sends out a request for you to take a survey, and you try, and you get an error, and you reply to the request with a screenshot showing it didn't work, and you get an email in response telling you "this email box is not monitored" and then you kick yourself hard in the ass for trying to participate like a citizen.

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senta_wolfsberg, German
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we all need a cool duck on the handlebars, don't we ?
Das Dundee wurde nun aufgerüstet, wenn ich doch nur noch den Post finden könnte, der den Hinweis auf "Beifahrer" gab, must-have Ausrüstung, can't stop laughing, DANKE 👍 Beim heutigen in ist der Propeller auf dem Helm allerdings weggeflogen, zum Glück habe ich das Teil wieder gefunden.
Ansonsten war fast t-shirt Wetter, +10°C (!)

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I guess this is really happening. I've heard rumors for a long time. It will be a gamechanger for the communities in the Northern Piedmont of NC.


Richmond and Raleigh to be connected by Amtrak train rail in 2026
🚆 🚂

  • Amtrak expanding lines to connect Raleigh and Richmond
  • Rail agency's board of directors discussed past year and future plans
  • Future plans include creating a higher speed, high frequency, reliable, and safe route between Raleigh and Richmond
  • Jason Orthner, NC Department of Transportation's Rail Division Director, highlights benefits of the new route
  • Connectivity from Richmond and Petersburg to Hampton Roads
  • Last year, Amtrak added a third daily train from Norfolk to Petersburg, Richmond, Washington D.C., and north
  • Amtrak plans to add a third train to Newport News in 2026
  • Amtrak reports a 24% increase in total ridership this year, exceeding 28 million customer trips


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Someone on Nextdoor brought up Raleigh NC as an example of failed pedestrian only zone killing businesses in a thread about congestion pricing in NYC and now I want to learn about what happened in Raleigh.


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A couple of days ago I connected the open tree database to and so the trees could be tour guides.

Today I added random moods to the trees and gave them current weather data so they could use that in their descriptions.

Gossipy Japanese zelkova tree:

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I set all the trees on sarcastic and now I can't breathe for laughing:

"To my left, we have Cardinal Gibbons High School, a prestigious Catholic institution where young minds are molded into scholars. Because, you know, nothing says education like being surrounded by a bunch of trees. I'm sure the students appreciate my presence as they stroll by, completely oblivious to my sarcastic thoughts."

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Holy shit these trees are savage:

"Next, we have the PNC Arena, where all the sports enthusiasts gather to cheer on their favorite teams. Basketball, hockey, concerts, you name it. It's a place where people go to scream their lungs out and pretend they're part of something bigger than themselves. Meanwhile, I'm just standing here, silently judging their enthusiasm."

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I connected 's of to a API query for finding nearby items of interest and then to a OpenAI API query so the trees could describe themselves and the area around them.

As you do when you're a weirdo

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I kind of want to add mood flags to each tree type. Like all the oaks are dignified and a little stuffy, the crepe myrtles are gossipy, the pecan trees are brittle and sarcastic, the pines are warm-hearted, etc.

The Bradford pear trees are sly horrible bastards

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@researchbuzz here's a larch friend of mine, a few blocks away from where I live.
I have often wondered if Dr. Seuss made them up.

A larch in Port Townsend, looking like it is doing a complex dance move while also being a little like a llama.

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starts in today! Any of my Fediverse folks in town please DM me! Would love to meet up irl.

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@andypiper cool! I’ll be at the Red Hat booth around 3. Does Mastodon/Fedi have a table?

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@adambkaplan we do not, but I’ll swing by and say hello. I’m mostly here as me, the Mastodon representation is coincidental and a good fit with the event :-)

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Hello . Just landed at Glad to be back at .


@donwatkins See you soon, buddy!

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Another job opening at Pendo! We're looking for a mid-level front end engineer, working on building the product that Pendo's customers use to build and deliver guides for their products' users. These guides run in the context of customer applications, so this is a front end job that requires understanding the browser environment and working in part in pure JavaScript, not just frameworks.

If you are (or want to be) in Raleigh, NC, would like to work on a product customers love, and are interested in a mid-level software engineering role doing front end development, take a look.

If you are curious, feel free to DM, keeping in mind that DMs on the fediverse are not PMs.☺


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This job doesn't report to me, but this team works closely with a team in my Platform organization; they share responsibility for different parts of our web agent.

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