Rebecca Ferguson

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She might be a cool person and all, but reading interview titles like "Rebecca Ferguson admits she still hasn't read Dune" is infuriating to me.

Like, you're getting paid how much to play this iconic character in a beloved franchise and still can't be bothered to familiarize yourself with the material? That's just disrespectful.

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@sandzwerg I'm not 100% sure, but for me that feels like mocking it.

Like, fine, if you think this is basically just a story out of the fantasy of a cringey white dude, that's okay. But if you can't suspend your disbelief when it comes to supernatural stuff, maybe don't do sci-fi then?

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@scy I don't read her as so ignorant(for a lack of a better word) as you apparently do. I mean it's actors talking about acting, not just the lore. Josh Brolin some minutes before makes jokes about the names of the characters. I do get that you dislike her response more than Zendaya and Florence Pugh (who mentioned she read the book). But I also get that comment of Rebecca as more related to her acting than the lore. Like as an actor I can think I look stupid riding a broom in Harry Potter, but

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Drop everything RIGHT NOW and look at this picture of at the NYC premiere of :blobaww:

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Not sure if @lordsoftheseth is still active here but this picture is for him.

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