As a victim of domestic violence who has spent years online trying to help other victims, Reddit's act of undeleting several of my deleted comments just made me have to go through and manually delete. In the process, I had to relive a huge chunk of trauma.

I'm not feeling okay right now.


@AnalogyAddict There's so much strenght to be able to push yourself through that. Hope you'll feel better.

tenth, (edited )

You can use PowerDeleteSuite to delete all your comments automatically, or replacing that with your own text. In face you can replace them with the title of this post to raise awareness

If you need further instructions, I can help



That's what I used the first time. I was hoping manually deleting them this time would make it stick. Thanks, though.


@AnalogyAddict I hear a lot of people talking about undeletes, but have yet to see any hard proof of it happening.

Mostly the only things I have seen are either (a) private subs came back and posts with them. Folks thought they deleted everything with a tool not knowing that you cannot edit/delete stuff on private subs, so when the sub unprivated they thought that was deleted content restored or (b) the awful Reddit cacheing, which limits how many comments are displayed on your username page (and thus puts a hard limit on how many of your comments you can reasonably find and delete).



No, some of my restored comments had been removed years ago because they were too identifying to leave out there, once the purpose of support was accomplished.


How did you find out they undeleted your posts? I was on some support subs too and deleted everything before I deleted my account. How can I find out if my posts were undeleted?


@BaroquenRecorder i didn't delete my account. I don't know of any way to restore a deleted account.


Does Reddit even have any right to undelete your comments? Surely you have a right to them? (If anyone knows, feel free to correct me cuz I don't know much about legal stuff)

Honestly, what is happening to it at this point.


Need a hug? Or some other comfort


@Skellybones Thank you. I processed it.
Hopefully I don't have to do it again.

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