Please, I need help to understand the interface of kbin

As a reddit migrator myself, I ended up here because it seems like the best open source version of reddit. But I have a few bugs and problems that I can't find a solution:
First, I have a semi translation of the web interface where like, half the words are in a bad obviously bot-translated Spanish and half in English... I Just cant find a way to change the language settings.
Second, I can't find a way to access a feed with only my subscriptions, The only feed I get is the one with all magazines included.

Is anyone having the same issues, is there a solution?

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Thanks ! I certainly missed that !

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You can also go into your settings (Cahuin > Settings) and choose the default one.


Fwiw I did that and it hasn’t been respecting it (keeps defaulting to all)


Same here

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About the translations: There is a Weblate-project where people can contribute to translations. So if you want to help correct mistakes or add to the translations, you can do that here

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I'm a bit confused about boosts. I boosted a post by accident, then clicked "Boost" again, and the boosted post has not been removed from my profile? Is there a way to remove this? It also seems as if my "downvoted" posts are showing up as boosts as well?


Be sure to enable the top bar. I found kbin a lot less confusing once I did that.

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top bar is also a great way to find new magazines!


This is in the settings? Also, trying to figure out how I would get notified of a reply.

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While we're all on the subject of being embarrassingly lost right now!

Is there a way to turn on an 'endless scrolling' mode like Reddit or Mastodon? I get the feeling there isn't or I would've found it by now, but it seems like there isn't. This sounds really first-world-problem of me, but when I get to the bottom of the frontpage clicking on another 'page' of results to load seems very Old Net. Maybe they do it on purpose to limit traffic or something? But I would very much like to be able to keep scrolling if that's an option.

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It's under the cog on the right. It doesn't always seem to work, though.

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You can change it under the gear icon on the right side of the page (it's located toward the top of the page, right under your user name) , and change the endless scrolling toggle to on

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I actually found this about twenty minutes after I posted about it. >_< But thank you for responding! I guess I was confused because there are Settings, and then there are Settings. Still, thank you for your time!


Any idea how to collapse comment chains? Specifically on Android / Firefox mobile client.

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for now there's a pretty good userscript for that

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It's still being worked on.


Thank you, that's good to know. To be honest, this feature is a deal breaker for me, I don't think I could get into this site without being able to collapse comment threads. Most of the time I just read the parent comments anyway. Not being able to collapse them will also massively promote latching responses onto the top comment instead of making your own.

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While people are asking questions: is there a way to collapse comment trees? I'm going to feel like a dunce if there is, but it's a little annoying having to manually scroll past everything.


Not at the moment, but I did read yesterday in another post that it should be in the pipeline.

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Hey! Gonna jump in this thread to ask my question.

I see users on here with avatars/profile pics. Where can I set that? Haven't found it anywhere in the settings.

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Username > Profile > Avatar

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Not seeing an "Avatar" option on the Profile page?

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It's because you need to hover over your username at the top bar > Settings > Profile tab (inside settings) and at the bottom of the page you'll see two fields to upload both your avatar and banner images.


Ah, so it doesn't work in the web app.

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Ah, found it! I think on the web app, you can click on your username, then go to Settings > Profile. I'm not sure how I missed it, but I appreciate the assistance! Thanks!

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Hey everyone, I’m a new user as well from Reddit and I’m really excited to be on Kbin. I was wondering if anyone had a link to a wiki or video that explains how to navigate the UI for the site?

The FAQs section didn’t cover some of the questions I had, like what are boosts and how do I favourite/save posts or comments?

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I'm trying to figure out how to Favorite threads too. Every thread has a list of all the people who has favorite-ed it, but I can't for the life of my figure out how to do it on kbin. I've been boosting as a way to "save" posts for the time being. Not a great long term solution, so a proper save feature would be much appreciated.

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I agree with you, I've just been boosting content as well to save it even though I feel like that's a workaround for what we want.

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One thing that helped me get a handle on things was creating my own magazine and just playing around with it. Magazines = subreddits, and articles = threads. An article is meant to be more text based, and you can also select the option to upload pictures/links to the magazine instead. I haven't messed with the whole microblog section but if you select "add post" it will upload to the microblog of the selected magazine instead of the thread list. Boosts are different from likes in that they boost your personal 'reputation' instead of ranking thread popularity.

Overall I really like the level of customization kbin offers, definitely needs some UI improvements but it kinda feels like a hyperpowered version of reddit once you get used to it.

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Boost actually is more like "retweet". It posts whatever you boost to your personal profile. So people who follow your profile will see whatever you boosted.

Also sick Snowcrash reference with your username 😊

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omg thank you, I have been clicking boost with no idea what it did. lol. I thought maybe the up/downvote was just to say whether you like it or not, and boost/reduce was to give feedback that affects feed placement/visibility ... or something. So I guess I've been retweeting everything I wanted to bubble up in visibility. xD


THANK YOU for the article/thread connection. I had been clicking "new post" and it kept making it a microblog. I've now got a proper thread thanks to you!

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I appreciate the advice - I'll try playing around with my own magazine.

After a day of use I do feel a lot more comfortable! I've tried out Kbin, Lemmy and Squabbles and I have to say I do like the interface on Kbin the most. Just hoping that the traffic/Cloudflare issues are resolved sooner than later :)


Thank you all for your answers. Now I was wandering how do I follow other federated platforms like, so that they appear in my feed? do I need to have an username there to comment or post?

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Federation isn't working correctly right now because the site admin (and founder) put in the cloudflare protections in place due to insane traffic the server isn't equipped to handle.

Otherwise, here you go!


I also just joined, also have a question, is there a dropdown or list somewhere of the Magazines i subbed to? On Reddit i can open that list and quickly go to a subreddit/magazine. So not the /sub page.

JBloodthorn, (edited )
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Wow, subs are public? Haiyaa...

e: So that must be what "show magazine subscriptions" does. Show who? The public, apparently, lol.


By default, currently, but you can change that in Settings.

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By default they are, but you can change that in your user settings.

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You can make them private in your user settings.


There's a language drop down menu at the bottom of the desktop page. Not sure if that's set to Spanish or something in your case, I only use English.


Thanks ! Before viewing your answer I changed firefox preferred language to display web pages and it worked.

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@Cahuin can't help you for translation, but if you click on the gear icon (on the bottom on mobile, on the right on desktop) you can activate the top bar, and from there you can switch from all to subscribed


Perfect ! Now i see it. Thanks


Is your subscribed feed.


Cool, I will put that as my main link to get to kbin.

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There's also a setting under Settings > General > Appearance called "Homepage" that you can set to "Subscriptions" and it will make your default homepage your subs. The advantage here is when you click on the server name on the top bar, it will take you back to your subs instead of to All, like it would if you just bookmark the subs link.


there's the menu on the top right, next to your username, where you can access 'subscribed'


Thanks, this made it.

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