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it is funny but is it true?

Edit: seems true, here is a pic from wikipedia

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I'm pretty impressed this occurred so quickly, I wonder if it was bots at all.

Look at the serif on that F, dang.

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There were most certainly bots but I'm pretty sure (and I'm speaking from experience since I was there) that there were more than enough real people helping.

Especially the Germans were probably a driving force as usual and then there were the other communities that united on their Discord servers as well, I was part of one that had ~3k members I think (Fuck Spez Coalition 🫡).


Germans do like invading things…

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Wie die guten alten Zeiten! /s


Jawohl Kamerad!


And yet, people keep using reddit. Weird.

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like me, i go there every few days to see how r/modcoord is doing and today i even watched the history.
I have an adblock so they get nothing except a little bit of traffic that is mostly used to see if anyone over there wants help with lemmy

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Congratulations on giving Spez exactly what he wanted.

SpeakinTelnet, avatar

A sudden surge and as sudden drop of users is not what investors want to see prior to an IPO.

They can’t even use rage bait as efficiently as the other social media platforms, it’s just a bad show through and through.


I don’t think that’s really what Reddit is going to show them. I think, like all things, it’s probably an answer in the middle: if an advertiser is popular on Reddit, Redditors will literally go out of their way to organise and advertise for you by clicking pixels on a page. That is something that advertisers will pay attention to. They don’t care that the number go up and down, but they do care about they product that Reddit can provide, which is a truly loyal fan base.

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I mean, I doubt it's exactly what he wanted. The traffic is nice and all, but it's not like investors don't have eyes. They know he's hated, it's just a question of what that means for the IPO and ongoing profitability of the business.


Well longer term allowing the community to focus all it’s hate on the CEO, rather than the platform (and it’s direction e.g. the API and gold changes) allows for an easy PR fix in future - when spez is replaced all the bad press goes away, but all the changes remain intact and forgotten.

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Sure, but if the hate was focused on the platform and not on its leadership I doubt there'd be as many reddit users willing to protest.

Anyone who truly cares about the openness of the platform would have already been using a more open alternative by now.


Saw on TikTok the Reddit account posted a cropped timelapse of techno blade. Wonder if it’s the only place that fuck spez didn’t find it’s way into, so they focused on that?

Also they blacklisted the word spez, so no comments can mention his name lmao.

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Fuck the CEO of Reddit


Fuck greedy pigboy


Fuck Steve


Don’t threaten me!

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is it done?

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Yeah, it's over

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thanks, haven’t been on it so wasn’t sure.

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