60% of subreddits are still dark! Reddit activity down 30%

The reddit blackout is even more effectivte than expected! 5177/8829 (~60%) of subreddits are still dark [1] and the posts per minute are down to 1000 from 1400 [2].

This is huge. Subreddits were supposed to be back up yesterday. I personally missed Reddit the first day but now I am super comfortable here.

Glad to have found a new place to hang out!

Edit: Reddit has 100k subs, 60% out of those who officially signed up

[1] https://reddark.untone.uk/

[2] https://www-heise-de.translate.goog/news/Reddit-Blackout-dauert-an-30-Prozent-weniger-Aktivitaet-Werbebranche-wartet-ab-9189048.html?wt_mc=rss.red.ho.ho.rdf.beitrag.beitrag&_x_tr_sl=de&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en-US&_x_tr_pto=wapp


When you lose 30% of your users because you got greedy about how ‘unprofitable’ your own app was, it’s gonna hurt.

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The test will be if they actually lost the users or just lost them for a few days.

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True punishment would be active, content rich posters zeroing out their posts and comment history. By doing so, the Google searches - which currently refer a ton of traffic to the site - will start to fade. The body of knowledge- users knowledge, not Reddit’s- is what drives new traffic to the site. I plan to remove my contributions later this month, presuming nothing changes.

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Why not sooner then later, holding out gives reddit hope.

There are a few useful extensions and browser plugins that help automate editing your past comment history and posts to be blank, the same tool then deletes the post and comment for you.

Don't leave anything behind IMO. I know I did not.

@overzeetop@lemmy.world avatar

I'm still holding out for the redemption arc in this Black Mirror episode.


Same here, going to do it a few days before the API change just in case they pull some crap to prevent mass scrubbing losses

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GDPR (for EU users) and CCPA (for Californian users) both have the right "to be forgotten", which means they must delete all your data upon request. Even if they block the third-party bulk deletion sites that use their API, they should still delete all your data upon request, at least if you're in a jurisdiction with such a requirement.

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It isn't that powerful. They don't have to remove comments or posts if they don't contain any personal data that you can be identified with.

@dan@upvote.au avatar

Don't they have to delete all "my" data though? I guess I'm not sure of the specific wording of the laws, but at my workplace we delete all data that's directly related to the user (data they created, plus any other data collected or logged about them), even if it doesn't contain any personal data. The systems that handle this are super complex so I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of companies don't handle it well.


I guess once tthe account is deleted, there is no more MP, mail and IP associated to this. After that, that will be an reclamation on one post maybe if u have shared personal information or someone else on u. But that will be case per case ? Unfortunately

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Yeah, but with what they've pulled off so far they have been perfectly following the playbook for a "data unlawfully retained" scandal for reddit. Some GDPR fine.


CCPA just dis-associates your personal info from your content. Same as deleting your account does. The username goes away but the posts and comments remain. They are not required to delete your data, just anything identifying.


Kind of sad to lose all that knowledge though. I wish we had a backup.

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There is, the-eye.eu has a full archive up until march 2023 https://the-eye.eu/redarcs/ (about 2TB total).

You can download individual subreddits too.

See here for more details (reddit unfortunately...): https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/1479c7b/historic_reddit_archives_ongoing_archival_effort/


Damn! That's amazing! Thank you.

TenorTheHusky avatar

I mean there's always archive.org and the various other internet caches that contain a large portion of Reddit's knowledge.

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/r/DataHoarder was encouraging that last I checked.


Isn't that ironic



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They've already got a copy, I guess.

operator, (edited )
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A copy of all reddit posts & comments is being passed around there. Everything up until March 2023 or so. Unfortunately no community here yet.

Anyone knows more?

Edit: See https://the-eye.eu/redarcs/ and the explanation by r/DataHoarder (linked somewhere below)

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I think reusing that data by anyone would be a very shady move. Not everyone who posted on reddit wants their posts and comments to float around in various places without their consent. I know posting online always poses the risk that what you post will be archived somewhere but I still think no one should build any new service on that data.

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You are absolutely right. But the data is out there anyways. Reddit keeps copies as much as Google and other creepy spiders. The amount of aggregated and unified knowledge these dump contain is astonishing. For personal research or just preservation.

There are plenty of sites where you can already see old, deleted comments. So barely a new risk.

@scroll_responsibly@lemmy.sdf.org avatar

I’m wondering if that data could be given to archive.org for posterity (if legal of course).

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The datahoarder community is on it, the posts asks for active support


I wonder if they moved here too. Would be nice, really enjoyed being part of that community.

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It's a pitty there aren't many (any?) subreddits that are "officially" endorsing a specific community in lemmy (or magazine in kbin) for migration.

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Thats true. I guess they are all till trying to figure out what to do. We also need to give @eduard and the other platforms more time to scale the infrastructure, setup moderation where needed and address issues... Imagine just 10% of reddit users & activity migrating over here in a matter of weeks.

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I bet any post encouraging a migration would get yanked very quickly! The best bet is to pm people who were quality contributors to the sub, to encourage them to continue in a platform that's open.

Melon_Cooler avatar

The few I've seen that have promoted alternatives usually just say something like "lemmy," or provide a whole host of alternatives, resulting in a wide spread across platforms for the few that do migrate.


Man, you know it's bad when even a sub based on data preservation is saying, "Nuke it"


15 year redditor, though only with ~250k karma. Scrubbed the crap out of my account. I'll probably still use reddit on desktop for as long as old.reddit exists, but for mobile I'm definitely trying out alternatives.

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How do I give Reddit gold? Hopefully this works🥈

In all seriousness "this is the way"


I've been on Reddit for 13 years, and I'm hesitant to remove everything, in case I want to revisit some of my old posts/comments. Is there a way to archive your own content?

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I used Power Delete Suite to back up and delete my content. Note that there seems to be a bug in the archive export process though. I had to follow the advice on this issue to pull my full CSV backup.


Just had a go with Power Delete Suite, but the export is kind of minimal, so I think I'll roll my own with the API, while the clock ticks.

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Yeah PDS is a good start but has some issues, if you're comfortable with the API you'll probably do better there.


Behold, yesterday's quick 'n' dirty Python project: https://github.com/toonvandeputte/reddit_archive

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Until the 30th you have the API, write up a little script. Either get the raw data or store a snapshot of the post on the website

HopeOfTheGunblade avatar

Power Delete Suite will offer the option of backing your stuff up locally.

Swyperider avatar

Yes this is the way to do it. It includes everything on your account even if you've clicked Delete on it.


I left Reddit but didn't scrub any posts. Seemed a bit like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Although I do understand why others thought otherwise.


Huffman has recently made it clear that he wants to monetize user data, so I think that's a good reason to delete it, imho. I can still understand leaving it up as a courtesy to other users, but deleting all your content is a valid action imho.

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11 year redditor here, I scrubbed my account too.


12 year account myself

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The other significant factor is that even their recently-slashed valuation was based on some degree of projected user growth. If you're trying to IPO and your growth has flattened, it's bad bad news. If your engagement numbers are actively moving backwards, that's catastrophic.

Looking at posts per minute seems like a great way to judge the effect though. I anticipate Reddit, Inc. will attempt to downplay the effect by focusing on numbers that take engagement out of the picture, like Monthly Average Users. If you touch the site once in the month, even by absent-mindedly clicking on a Google result, you'd get counted in that for June. And they wouldn't report the July numbers until August because, golly it's an incomplete month. And by then, their hope is that the world will have moved on.

Internally, I'm sure there aware of the impact. But externally, I believe they'll cherrypick favorable metrics to try and control the narrative for the investing & advertising communities.


I anticipate Reddit, Inc. will attempt to downplay the effect by focusing on numbers that take engagement out of the picture

You pretty much described every corporation in the history of mankind. This is what they always do.

roofuskit avatar

They lost more than 30% of their actual users. Of the remaining traffic a portion is just bots. Maybe 10%? Maybe 30%? No idea, but not all of the remaining traffic is real people.

djidane535 avatar

I don’t know. Since the API pricing has not been applied yet, I assume many boys are still running.

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I deleted my 12 year old account history after the "AMA" with Spez and will be fully deleting my account on the 30th. That being said I clicked back on reddit today and browsed a bit of what was up and after spending the last few days on kbin and beehaw I don't think I can go back.

The amount of toxicity that I was putting up with on reddit was astounding. I can't believe I didn't notice it was so bad, even on the smaller subs I was active in. I always have referred to reddit as a cesspit with islands of good content, but I think the landscape changed while I wasn't paying attention.

I do hope the protest works and 3rd party devs can continue their wonderful apps, but reddit is kind of over for me regardless. The fediverse somehow feels like the early internet, kinda like going home.

Nonameuser678 avatar

I'm having a similar experience in realising how much toxicity I've normalised on reddit. Going back on there now feels so absurd.


Agree! I cleared out all the outrage, political and "negative" subreddits I was subbed to last month and... there wasn't much left. I don't feel like user engagement is being gamed here, it's nice.


Thank you for eloquently putting into words what I've been feeling.

The day before the blackout, I was feeling a lot of grief. Reddit had been my "home" for more than a decade, and I thought i would miss the community. Instead, I feel…lighter? Things are much nicer here!

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100% more nicer. Les toxic and definitely a feeling of humanity. Hard to explain, but the majority of comments over at reddit just don't feel human. Needed to change in order to realize.

Rottcodd avatar

The fediverse is definitely feeling like the early internet, and it's really taken me by surprise. Even though I reminisced about it and lamented it's loss, I think I never really understood just how much I missed it.

It's like 1995 all over again, and it's glorious.


Right there with you, also had a 12 year old account and deleted it. It's absurd how this is going. Federated definitely feels more tight knit and less just a media consumption platform.


That ama was the most unprofessional bunch of dogs shit I have ever seen from the ceo of a multimillion dollar company.

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Multibillion. Well, theoretically.

@db0@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

Let's not have too rose colored glasses. A lot of it is because lemmy and kbin are tiny and haven't received their "eternal September" moment yet. It's bound to get worse so I hope our moderation tools will evolve sufficiently until then


While you're not wrong, the fact that it's an open and decentralized protocol and not a corporate-controlled silo makes the ultimate outcomes of the fediverse unpredictable. Better for actual human users, I think, and at least it'll be interesting to watch and participate in while those outcomes develop (likely over years if not decades).

@db0@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

We'll see. The big problems will arrive when it becomes valuable for spammers


Not sure how useful it will be to spammers it will be in its current state other than just trolling, even then it is quick to ban someone, defederate from a troll instance, and/or close new user registrations

@db0@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

we're already seen spammers abusing instances with open subscriptions. mastodon.social was defederated by a lot of big instances due to this for example. In turn instances turn off open subscriptions which makes joining fediverse harder

effingjoe avatar

Only to add some clarification: reddark is only showing you the list of subs that announced they'd go dark versus the amount of those subs that have gone dark.

The exact number is hard to pin down, but reddit claims to have "100k+" active communities.

So 60% of the subs that said they'd go dark are still dark.

@db0@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

Correct. At best estimate that's 5%of reddit communities but the impact in users might be much larger as a lot of those 100k subs have just 1 or 2 subs

JanoRis, (edited )

The -30% value is taken from the peak value, but doesn't look at the total amount posted per day.

So I took the data from the blackout.photon-reddit site source.

It seems that it makes a Reddit Api call every Minute searching the newest Post and Comment and calculates both per Minute rates.

I wanted to see the effect the Blackout had over the day, so I summed the data and plotted it: Seems like between 11th and 12th June the comments/day diminished by -19.2%. The posts/day saw a decline of -8.9%

Reddit Blackout Graph

The sub with the most Activity was probably Askreddit

AskReddit Comment Activity

operator avatar

Very nice work, Post this over at @dataisbeautiful

Breakfulus_Emphotoga avatar

I agree, it definitely was uncomfortable moving from reddit at first, but seeing how familiar the site was, and how much nicer the community is, it feels more like an upgrade than just swapping platforms.

Also, I didn't expect the protest would have so much of an impact, but I'm all for it!

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You can feel humans behind these posts. No AI generated content. No toxicity, no "in conclusion" and stupid summaries. Amazing

Tight-laced avatar

I feel that so much.

No bots. No companies or agendas. Too small to be interesting to them as yet. I like it.

manwe avatar

I’m with you. It really is amazing how much kinder this community is. I love it!


This is seriously impressive! I think a lot of us were worried this would all collapse after a couple of days. I don’t think they knew how many of us were looking for an excuse to quit. Their mobile site is trash. Their desktop site is trash. Their mobile app is trash. Forcing us to use them was just not a strong bargaining proposition.

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Comment levels are back to normal. But those creating the posts, initiating engagement are down and it will probably become worse once the API changes are in effect.

Subreddits are dark and posts will disappear from the Google Index reducing traffic to the site. Many big subs, as r/formula1 or r/apple to name a few, are dark indefinitely.

Moderators, those who keep the platform more or less peaceful, are sick of it - as you can see in the blackout rates.

The casual normie or lurker will see a drop in content, the site will gradually or exponentially loose its top value users and become a Facebook.

Or not. We'll know in a few months to come, the internet is a fast paced place.

aegisgfx877 avatar

2 days will do nothing, give them a week next time we do this

BiggestBulb avatar

Screw a week, we should have gone indefinite from the start. Spez would have pissed himself

NotTheOnlyGamer avatar

No, he would have immediately replaced the mods with internal people and internal bots, and turned off the "private" option. Frankly, I expect he'll do that anyway, or, in 30 days, a whole bunch of them will be going up on RedditRequest - with a new group of powermods.


That’s fine, actually. If Reddit wants to “hire” mods then they can actually pay them, which hurts their bottom line. (And they probably should have done that a looong time ago, for the largest subs anyways.)

If they just replace the mods with more unpaid volunteers, that will be a shitshow in itself - just imagine the people who would want to do that “job” but without any of the effective tools.

Either way, 🍿


Let them. It will make their operations more expensive and the quality worse. Sure, users will stay, just as how there are still people on 9gag, Stumbleupon, FunnyJunk, etc, but this is all an engagement game and if the site is less engaging, fewer people will engage and other alternatives will get better as more redditfugees make their exodus

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There is not next time. This is it. Lets keep them dark.

@crutlefish@mas.to avatar

@operator @daniel I have not used reddit since it went dark.

I am actively looking to supplement my need to connect to random others and take on interesting things from other places.

There is a definite uptick in my use of Mastodon, NetNewsWire, and reading various news sites.

I am also going to cancel my reddit premium which I've been paying for years.


I find it especially funny that the forcibly re-opened r/AdviceAnimals is constantly reminding everyone how douchey Reddit is behaving.


I don't think this data is correct. Yes, I observe a certain number of reddit-mods who hysterically close comments and ban dissenters. But there are a large number of sane people.

earthling avatar

Keep this shit up! Blackouts won't mean anything to Huffman if we all come back after 48hrs.

operator avatar

Not hard to keep it up. Nothing dragging me back to reddit. the only thing i am missing is the immense amount of aggregated information

earthling avatar

I wish it were easy for me. Just in these last few days from typical searches I do online, reddit is at or near the top of the results list with exactly what I'm looking for.

operator avatar

Where i the issue in casually looking for info? Use an adblocker and reddit doesn't directly profit. The more the community grows here, the less you'll lurk over at reddit


Going on Reddit I felt a bit disheartened with how much the same everything still seemed, but this is really encouraging news

Tigbitties avatar

Check those stats next month when people can't use RIF, Appolo, etc.

Jojo-Mcfrost572 avatar

The issue is you lot. I've been perusing all these new sites. Everywhere I go I see reddit mentioned and all the comments say exactly the same thing.

I like the protest. "I have visited reddit"

You aren't protesting if you keep going to it. You are an active users. Your click your ad revenue your engagement is not a protest.

In order to protest do not access the site. No app no website no third party. That hurts them. You can't protest but keep going on the site.

It's 3 days. It's tough. I've honestly struggled something stupid. J probably spend about 12 hours on and off reddit. Whenever I get a minute I hope on. First thing in the morning and last thing at night.

This is affirmative strike action. We are on the picket lines.


or it's not a strike

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The fact that hundreds of thousands of users - probably the most valuable ones - are not using reddit (actively) for a few a days now is just astonishing. Sure, the amount of aggregated information over there is still huge so no one can be blamed for casually looking for something specific.

But those users here are the ones initiating the engagement, creating the posts and providing valueable and original content. That dropped drastically.

The majority of users only lurk and comment. Or are bots.

AtomicPurple avatar

Yup. I've gone on Reddit a few times in the past couple days, but mostly wound up there due to working on electronics projects and search results from Reddit having the information I needed. The only actual engagement I've had with the site has been in the form of comments encouraging people to come over here.

Conversely, I recently posted a massive infodump over on /m/PS2 in order to help kick-start that community.


I mean it's great and all just don't forget we're not here purely as anti-redditors, we're also here to build the new community. Not looking back is the only way to move forward

operator avatar

Thank you for saying this! This post is merely to demonstrate the power of a unified community. The reddit community came together stronger than anyone expected and has ever happened.

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