Cool, so now the alt-right nutbags who control r/canada can take over all the other Canadian subreddits and promote far right propaganda and hatred in all the local subs too?


Yes. This is what will happen. The far right will capture large numbers of moderately sized mainstream subs, they'll think they're crafting narratives like traditional media does as they alienate larger and larger groups of users, and then the whole damn thing will collapse into the ever widening cesspit.

I've been trying to get a kbin instance set up for Atlantic Canada, but I've been extremely time constrained the last two weeks. We'll see how next week goes...

HonorableScythe avatar

A former T_D mod messaged /r/aww announcing that he intended to take over their community. Can you imagine what would happen if these bigots got their hands on 10m+ subs? Spez is just empowering the most out of touch, angry dissenters to take control of some of the most high profile communities. It won't go well for him.

Gingerailed avatar

I projected that same fuckin thing too. That's what happens for every platform; when the decent, good-faith followers get ran off, the scumbags inherit and just ferment the environment into a cesspool. I'm sure Spez is gonna be pleased with his soon-to-be new userbase full of center/far-rights, apathetic loyalists and equally money-grubbing dipshits.

@danie10@lemmy.ml avatar

Which is why I sat for hours this morning, manually deleting all the posts in my subreddit. He is welcome to now hand it to someone else...



Be careful, People have seen their post deletions being undone. Some posts that were restored were deleted as much as a decade ago. It appears to be manually chosen subreddits getting restored, but it's something to keep an eye out for.

FrostBolt avatar

Nice on mentioning fediverse in the sub description too. I hope more reddit mods do that!

Skray avatar

There have been reports that reddit is restoring deleted content. Some are saying it may be a GDPR violation if you're requesting reddit to delete your data.

Alexmitter avatar

that sounds quite clearly like a GDPR violation


This needs to be spread more. The right way to delete your content is to request a GDPR / CCPA type deletion. They will be liable for big lawsuits if they don't comply.


Unfortunately, they can undo that in seconds.


@danie10 people are reporting that deleted posts are reappearing on Reddit. The terms of use says they can do this, which is pretty messed up.


Jaysyn avatar

There used to be a GreaseMonkey script that will automate this.

Yinchie avatar

Redact - https://redact.dev/ allows you to automatically delete your posts etc.


I've seen reports here from this morning where people are saying that they're even restoring comments deleted with Redact.

From a technical standpoint, adding a database table that is a comment revision history is trivial and barely requires any alternation of existing code. Even reddit could do it.

I've always suspected that they did it a long time ago in response to redact.


I used Redact.dev. And I'm currently running it a second time since it looks like posts in private subreddits that have since re-opened get reverted (presumably the edit doesn't go through correctly?).


I used this to change all my posts to "fuck /u/spez". Let's see how long it takes before i'm banned.

@chaorace@lemmy.sdf.org avatar

Ok. Vote out the moderators and then what? Obviously the community can't go unmoderated, so where does the power go?

There's only two ways this goes:

  • Voting out moderators turns into voting for moderators. Turning moderation into public office turns moderators into politicians.
  • Voting out moderators turns into surrendering control to Reddit admins. Small subreddits will be ignored and turned into unmoderated ditches while big subreddits will be converted into puppets.

Man, it's an absolute shitshow over there. The only thing holding people there, much like Twitter, is their addiction. I admit I miss it, but continuing to use these services sets such a bad precedent. I wish there were some better way to show people how much better the Fediverse is and how it keeps asshats like Huffman and Musk from making shit decisions for everyone else.

FaceDeer avatar

Yeah. I have previously said that my personal redline is the removal of old.reddit, but it seems like they're actively probing around to find other redlines I hadn't even considered.

For many, many years people have been wanting some way to deal with "abusive" or "rogue" mods. Guess all it took was for the "abusiveness" to be aimed at the Reddit admins rather than the plebian users.


I'm not installing the official app, so my Reddit use is going to go down. It will be interesting to see how much usage goes down after July 1.

I also think Reddit has not touched the mod issue because it didn't want to trigger a bunch of mods quitting if it wasn't well received. Now that mods are becoming a problem, they don't care and are choosing the laziest way to implement getting rid of mods that doesn't require a decision by themselves.

FrostBolt avatar

The only thing holding people there, much like Twitter, is their addiction. I admit I miss it

I feel that too, though I'm heartened to see tens of thousands of people joining here, and already it's feeling lively. Just yesterday I asked a random question of the m/scifi (no idea how to link to magazines heh) and it's gotten half a dozen replies :-D

SirD_P avatar

couldn't have said it better myself. fuck that dispicable cunt Huffman. haven't peeked at reddit since the start of the blackouts and hope I'm strong enough to stay away

garretble avatar

I went to Reddit today for the first time this week, and it just feels hostile. Even more hostile than before. There are all these people seemingly excited that the 3rd party apps are going away, and people mad that some subs are gone without taking a few moments to understand why.

Normally Reddit is just a pile of people arguing at each other, and now it feels like a pile of people angrily yelling at each other. Who wants to really hang out in that environment?


A lot of people on reddit are addicted to content. I realized this after watching people get so vitriolic in their fandoms. Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Marvel, Lord of the Rings - these are just the examples I know because I was around those circles - they all have had a point where they made something a lot of people on reddit didn't like. And instead of acknowledging that it just wasn't that great, people got nasty over it.

People on reddit are very defensive of their vices and points of view, and they feel very self-justified


I also noticed that the site has become more and more negative and sour over the years.

FaceDeer avatar

Yeah, the only places I've really enjoyed engaging in comment threads are the smaller subreddits. Big ones are frustrating and tiresome at best, actively abrasive at worst.

Perhaps the massive fragmentation that we're starting to see in the Fediverse could be a blessing in disguise, keeping instances from becoming "too big."

Verity_kindle avatar

That's Huffman, though, he's getting more negative and sour with every interview. over the last two weeks. The one with the The Verge is revealing of a bitter and reflexively defensive mindset. He's ready to sell all that data to train AI/Skynet and grab his golden parachute. No one's getting in his way, not even own marketing VP on the Verge phone call.


People are always going to be resistant to change. I opened Reddit so many times during the blackout and kept getting reminded by the top post. I've been on it several times afterwards but it's not the same. I don't plan on downloading the official app so I guess at the end of the month that's it. I hope this IPO shits itself and they lose a lot of money. The site has been a shell since 2016 anyway.


There's likely a large use of bots to discredit the strike.


Corporate gonna corpo, just how it is. I'm all for continuing the fight though! They don't care about the health of reddit, just if it makes it past the IPO so they can cash out and run.


Too late lol


This is a feature people have been asking for since the beginning and is only being talked about or introduced because it’s politically convenient for the admins.

I really hope this backfires and is only a means to an end of the users replacing scabs until the site grinds to a halt.

FaceDeer avatar

"We want to give users a say in the moderation of their subs."
<users continue the protests>
"Not like that!"

FrostBolt avatar

Exactly! And they cynically finally started working on moderation tools AFTER the protest (apparently the built-in mod tools had been garbage for years...)


I mean I have no doubts they are going to use a bunch of"bot" accounts to achieve this. All these internal memos and press releases prove to me is that money is all they care about.


Could larger subreddits use this to take over and delete smaller subreddits by voting in new mods who shut it down?


@DreamySweet @cura 100% what will happen. This isn’t democratic in the slightest

@theory@feddit.uk avatar



100% smaller subreddits will be a shit show.


Yep. This feels like a potentially bad idea for exactly this reason


Sounds like a great way to get rid of "problematic" subreddits.


Or make them more responsive to users.


It depends on what the problem is.

NotTheOnlyGamer avatar

I have no problem with this. Technically, moderators who lock their subs are inactive. They provide no value to Reddit, therefore the most direct cause of the shutdown - the mods - should be removed.


Well that surely wouldn't backfire in the most spectacular way ever. I mean, it's not as if Reddit has ever had any vote brigading and botting issues, right? Right?

Harlan_Cloverseed avatar

Enhanced enshitification mode, ACTIVATE


I think it's kind of rich to hear the founder of a major platform describe his unpaid moderators as dukes and duchesses but okay



The problem is that Reddit has had a mod governance issue for a long time already, so something should be done to deal with problem mods. The issue here is that what they are proposing is really bad because they need a quick fix to a festering problem.

Bloonface avatar

This is just an absolutely fucking dismal idea.

I can't think of a more surefire way to ruin the site than make it so that the mob can tear down anyone who sets a quality bar any higher than they like.


This is depressing

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