The immediate future of the subreddit [r/chess] is in question after our latest subreddit poll. Results and the situation so far

Mods made a poll to ask whether to extend the blackout or re-open. After accusations of brigading, mods created a second, more secure poll. The option to extend the blackout wins by a 18% margin. However, the top mod changes his mind, unilaterally decides that the sub should open, and threatens the rest of the mods with contacting the admins to reopen and depose them if they follow through the results of the vote.

CynAq avatar

Looks like it's time to set up shop on lemmy or kbin. Even if some of the pissed off users come over, it should be a vibrant alternative community

wildncrazyguy avatar

Come on over to - we've already played E4 and started the clock.


Translation: top mod sees their opportunity to be a dictator and takes it.

wildncrazyguy avatar

In a way, you could say it was a blunder by the king.

IninewCrow avatar

Just stand up, flip the board over and walk away

Prouvaire avatar

An interesting gambit.


I'm surprised by a lot of the comments. It's frustrating that so many people just want their entertainment. They don't seem to care that Reddit is making it harder or even impossible for the people that use their personal time to keep the sub moving. It reeks of entitlement.

missingno avatar

I'm not surprised. It was only a matter of time before users decided the protest was too inconvenient and getting in the way. They see the short-term impact of the protest more than they see the long-term repercussions of Reddit Inc.


Also the proportion of users who agree with the protest will continue shifting as people abandon Reddit for alternatives

Deliverator avatar

"Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death"

SpaceMonk avatar

Chess anarchy better migrate too!

torafugu avatar

En passant.


Holy hell


Holy hell

Larvitar avatar

It's amazing seeing this all happen in realtime. I was on the fence about deleting my reddit account in order to keep participating in the small communities that decide to stay on reddit, but I'm just how aggressive reddit admins have been with treating people who actively engage with the site.

Subreddits protesting are trying to get the message to reddit management that they don't agree. Instead of having a discussion, reddit management is just forcing their will on everyone, which causes the discenters to leave the proverbial table as they realize any there will be no discussion.

At this point, anyone who still wants to use reddit is just enabling this behavior.

abff08f4813c avatar

I admit that 18% is a small margin, but even so, this somehow just doesn't sit well with me.


18pp isn't a small margin. 49 vs 51 is a small margin. 41 vs 59 is no contest.


18% is a huge margin in a democratic election.

jballs, (edited )

18% is a huge margin when it comes to a yes or no question. The last US presidential election to have such a margin was Reagan's 2nd term almost 40 years ago, which was seen as a complete blow out.

Edit: Especially since another 5% votes to keep restricted, which is a 2nd option of not returning to business as normal. So I'd say it was more like a 23% margin, which is enormous.

abff08f4813c avatar

Huh. I thought Reagan was a blowout because he won 49 out of 50 states.

Didn't know about restricted. I'd be willing to round that up to 1/4th.


Haha that's what I'm saying! An 18 point margin is so big that it results in 49/50 states in the electoral college. Saying it's too close to call is really disingenuous of that one mod.

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