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I have many of those, mainly because I've been a premium subscriber for 9 years. Well, not anymore.

They just piled up over time since I rarely awarded anyone.

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i had a ton of coins left from being awarded a ton like 2 yrs ago, so i spent them on awards to make protest posts stand out ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Yeah, I noticed a lot of people on posts like this saying they were giving out all of the awards they've saved up over time before deleting their Reddit accounts. I don't think this is all brain dead people paying the company they're boycotting. They're using the awards they have left to bring attention to the protest. I had a bunch of awards to give out from when someone randomly gave me gold but I never gave Reddit any money.


What does it give you even do except for cool image below the post? I never got why people bought those coins. Does it even give karma for the author?

  1. Yes they give karma to the author and the one giving them out
  2. You can also get coins and reddit premium.

This is why I left Reddit. I’d happily have paid a premium to never see that stupid nft garbage again.

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Who is "chief"? Is it a colloquialism or an actual person?

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@huskola "Chief" is just the hypothetical person the title is being said to. It's kind of a meme-y way of talking. Here's a page with more info:

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Thanks for the answer! As I age I try to keep up with things but may have to relent to just maintaining status quo.


Using the term "chief" to refer to someone is not new. My uncle used to call my dad that probably 30 years ago when they worked together.


This shit right here is why I never took most leftist subs seriously. There is nothing more painfully ironic than to see posts complaining about capitalism get bombarded with gold and stickers.

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Gotta say I have no love for the big leftist subs but that's a pretty cheap shot.

Their choosing to purchase luxuries, in a world where luxuries must be paid for in a system they didn't design, choose or want to live under, doesn't negate that they are opposed to capitalism.

If you want to argue that they're possibly a bit too sanguine about the prospect of their favourite luxuries existing under communism or whatever, fair enough. But that's a separate argument from whether they're stupid to pay money for stuff that makes them happy.


in a world where luxuries must be paid for

...who is forcing them to buy Reddit coins? lol


Well nobody is, and that's not really what he said. Break it down, he's saying if a person wants something, it takes resources to acquire said thing. There's no force here, just intrinsic motivation.


There has to be a line somewhere where your ideology meets reality. Maybe that line doesn't extend to living off-the-grid on a commune and growing your own food, but I think we can safely put it at buying Reddit coins.


What are you even talking about lol I didnt express any ideology in my comment lol nor did I express any support for either argument or my feelings about the subject.

All I did was point out a misunderstanding(between you and someone else), and brokedown the original quoted line to it's core intents.


That logic doesn't work. If I say taxes should be higher, I'm not a hypocrite for not voluntarily giving more money to the government.

Wanting everyone to have places to live, medical care and enough to eat doesn't mean I have to give away my possessions and swear off luxuries and I can't understand why you think it does. I want a more equitable system, I don't want everyone to do extreme charity. Socialism is not a poverty cult.

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Nobody. But they want to have Reddit coins to reward people who do things they like. So they have to pay for them to satisfy that want.

They might also pay for pizza, beer and cinema tickets too. Same difference.


I just wish they could satisfy that want by spending that money on poor people instead of rich people. Donate to a charity instead of buying emojis.

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your argument makes sense if you're talking about food or shelter or any essentials. but luxuries are a choice and reddit gold is about as non essential as it gets.


… you get some amount of awards for free. You’re jumping to conclusions by assuming they paid for them.

Also, it has been less than 30 days since this fiasco began. So some people could still be subscribed from the before times. And a lot of people who did subscribe likely subscribed annually because it was significantly cheaper than month-to-month.

But leftists. Sure.


My issue is that while I believe it is fine to show people what is wrong with the world on a large social media platform where there are no heavily used alternatives, when you give reddit money, you are not supporting an independent platform, you are giving your money to a social media platform partially owned by media megacorp Advanced Publications.

And that platform is clearly not happy with just the money they received from reddit gold. Now that they are going public, they are going to keep trying to find more ways to give even more money to their shareholders.


You’re saying that with hindsight though. Everyone has their limit. They likely purchased Reddit premium before their personal limit was reached.

Really though, advocating for change doesn’t mean you need to stick your head in the sand and not make the most of the world as it is today. That’s just a propaganda talking point because it’s lazier to call people hypocrites than it is to actually disprove their points.


I'm not saying that with hindsight at all. lol, I pointed this major inconsistency out on reddit a while back and got downvoted to hell, because the people on /r/antiwork have a bad track record when it comes to being self aware.

I generally don't trust corporations, because in the end, they either get bought out or eventually go corrupt. Hell, when they go public, corruption is almost inevitable, because at that point their end goal of generating growth at all costs becomes ingrained. Reddit is no different. I expect the same thing to happen to Discord now that they've gone public too.

That's why I want to place faith in open source products and services like Linux and Lemmy. Not one person can control them.

Also, what does anything I said have to do with sticking your head in the sand?

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Meh, I'd say it's equally as bad as people showering billionnaires doing AMA with them. Because what Bill Gates really needs is for the plebs to spend dollars giving him shiny paid emoticons on a website he doesn't use on the regular.

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The loudest mods keep posting even amongst themselves when they closed 'their' subs. Check their post history. It's performative.
There's a reason reddit mods are reviled everywhere on the internet. Let them cry and piss and shit themselves. It's free entertainment

Prob the same people who remade the subs here as magazines, squatting on the name but havent made a single comment since 4 or 5 days ago.


I know what you mean I got my most popular post gilded which gave me a month of reddit premium which is longer than what I will be sticking around for. Not sure if it was a random user or an admin thinking getting free premium would be enough to make people stop protesting.

paorzz, avatar

Not everyone was buying rewards. I had a few coins remaining. Used it all up (I mean I already paid for it pre-Reddit fuck up) and deleted my account.


Bruh does anyone actually pay for those? They gave away a LOT for free. And I got quite a few more from others awarding me

sj_zero, avatar

"Screw you we're not changing anything. Get back in line. EDIT: Thanks for the reddit gold, kind strangers!"


I don't know what any of that is

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Reaction emojis that you have to pay Reddit money for.

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I remember hearing something about the admins putting them on posts critical of the awards.


Idk. That always seemed like a classic redditor thing to do: giving money to redditcorp just to spite some stranger.

But then again, the admins are very petty and juvenile. Huffman especially, going so far as to ghost-edit user' comments.


As a RIF user, I had no idea any of those existed aside from gold and plat


there are free awards I never bought anything on Reddit an have like 10000 coins

LinkOpensChest_wav, avatar

Same. I got gilded a couple times in the past, and I gave all the awards I could this month since I'm not going back to reddit

pruwybn, avatar

That's weird, I've been on Reddit for 11 years and have 0 coins. Maybe because I only use old reddit and RIF.

gnarly, avatar

You get rewards for posts. I'm sure the majority isn't paying anything + it's quite likely the admins can easily manipulate those rewards.

Ghostalmedia, avatar

People get coins when their posts are gilded. Also many of us still have years of apology gold from when Alien Blue was killed.


Some people might have already paid for coins before the incident.


Yeah, so better get rid of them supporting Apollo dev for example than do nothing.

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Yep I had this conversation with someone on Christian’s post about canceling Apollo. I owned the Alien Blue Premium App and when Reddit bought the app they gave anyone owned said app either 16 or 17 thousand Reddit Coins, cannot remember the exact amount. I have never purchased Reddit coin nor do I know what it costs but if me using some of those coins that they gave me gets a post to the front page then so be it.

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