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Oh, he's very popular Ed. The sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, waistoids, dweebies, dickheads--they all adore him. They think he's a righteous dude.

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Posting my #NowPlaying and music-oriented articles helps create more tags.

If you happen to enjoy some of the same tags, right on, we have something in common. 🤘

Direct-follow the account for all the B.S.

Follow #TheMetalDogIsNowPlaying for everything I'm listening to, across multiple genres. Fair Warning: It's not always metal.

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#TheMetalDogAIArtList for AI Art

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Just another desperate #Objectivist #Perl hacker. Lately into #cosplay and #dance, sometimes simultaneously.

Sorry libertarians, you can’t have #AynRand:

If you block me because you don’t like what I say, I win.

Other interests: #music, #Commodore #RetroComputing, #DoctorWho, #drag

No reposts:




Music lover and hockey fan. I Sit on the Board of Directors for Defeat Duchenne Canada. Twitter ex pat., loving life on #Mastodon. Please follow my music blog:

Original Songs and Cover versions. I post daily and I share new content at least twice a week. #MusicisLife

"If you get confused, listen to the music play"

My songwriter's Mount Rushmore includes #RobertHunter #WarrenZevon #NeilPeart and #JohnPrine. I love many more. Way too many to mention. avatar

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Enjoying life in a small, temperate beach town 🌴🌴

Life is never fair. But it can be better.

I swear I found the key to the universe. Ask me where.

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Software crafter/engineer (Rust, Scala, Perl, C++); open source developer; real-time/fault-tolerant systems; Transputer & FORTH enthusiast; radio amateur (MØCUV). Couch to 5K runner.

Let's stick with the past, 'cos the future won't last.

Used to be @mattgumbley on the bird site.

[Avatar: photo of me & my dog Oscar, a white cockerpoo; Header is a quote from the Postlight podcast entitled "Can We Understand Coders?"]

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Silicon Valley native, tech, artist, wonk, raconteur. I'll veer from topic to topic, and change stylistically on a whim. Curious about stuff and things.

UCD alum (PoliSci/IR & Tech Policy). Strong interests in the arts, actual political science, cliodynamics, systems theory, and seeking a bit of adventure at even the smallest scale.

I own more albums than you have had changes of underpants since birth.

For art commissions and/or licensing, avatar


I'm a Cal grad who loves Disney, Star Wars, Genesis, Phil Collins, movies, music and food and more.

My profile picture is the window to my apartment in Black Spire Outpost on Batuu at Disneyland.

Opinions are solely my own.

I'm also @rancoreats on IG.

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Host of the Q-Dropped Podcast and Skeptic Shopper. I'm also a mom in rural BC, Canada, a copywriter for lots of amazing businesses, a dog lover, a swimmer, an atheist, a secular humanist, a wife, and a Trekkie. Often sarcastic :) She/Her • Black Lives Matter • Ferocious Ally to LGBTQIA2S+ • Trans Rights or GTFO • Every Child Matters • Land Back • Prison Reform • End the Death Penalty • Cleveland Browns • Foot Soldier avatar


Data guy into weird music.
Overuser of "awesome".
Really good at making charts for money.

אני מדבר עברית, ‏אבל לא טוב
Dad, biker, city lover, somewhere in MA - it's complicated, veggie eater, dog owner. avatar


Armchair intellectual, sometimes philosopher, all-around learning junkie, sysadmin, parent, and gamer. Everything is political.
A chicken in every pot and free poetry for all.

Admin of Always on the lookout for #Arkansas people avatar


Word nerd, night owl, fashion don't, picky omnivore, forgetful know-it-all, ambidextrous klutz, multilingual stutterer #CeasefireNow ☮️🍉🕎 avatar


pro-ant propaganda, building electronics, writing sci-fi teaching mathematics & CS. I live in NYC. avatar


76 Year Old Progressive, Sky Diving, Moto Cross Racing, Rock Climbing, Baseball Umpiring - All things in my Rear View Mirror.

Advocate for All Human Rights, Abortion Rights, Women's Rights, Children's Rights, All Lives Matter, Pro-LGBTQ, Pro-Vax,

Kindness is a Renewable Resource Give It Away,

Progressive, Anti-Fascist, Atheist, Science-Based From Quarks to Dark Energy, Friend of Bills avatar



Formely: #VMware#Heptio#Canonical#Ubuntu#Kubernetes#cloudcustodian • CNCF Ambassador Emeritus

11th ACR Vet • MSU #Spartan • Beagle Lover

I love: #metallica #megadeth #ghost #rush #tool and all sorts of #metal with a side of #aliceinchains and #faithnomore - then chilling with #pinkfloyd

Tech: :kubernetes: :fedora: :steam: :shipping_container: and Flathub! avatar


Hi all, I am Tormod 🇳🇴🇸🇪 (he / him)

My days are spent as a consultant in enterprise IT organizations, mainly focusing on teamwork and the people side of delivery. In particular with coaching, processes and enabling teams to work better together across departments and vendors.

My passions are in the areas of #photography, #graphicdesign, #typography and #music. And, of course, family ❤️

Happy to talk to anyone, and I will assume you're awesome until proven otherwise. avatar


Your local dreamtime gamer ...

Doer and thinker in various flavors and concentrations :: #art // #poetry // theory // speculative fiction // pop culture // gaming // synth // punk // resistance

and a UX designer by trade.

Here to feed the hard gemlike flame of this interconnected life. Let's be kindred spirits 🤘

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