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In recent days, agencies have warned that has found better ways to hide its , & Treasury issued last week against 2 Russian companies that it said supported the Kremlin’s campaign.

The stepped-up ops, run by aides to & Russian intelligence, come at a critical moment in the debate in the over support for .…

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Russian ops are laying the groundwork for what could be a stronger push to support candidates who oppose aiding , or who call for pulling the back from & other alliances, US ofcls & independent researchers say.

Investigators say that firms working in the “” network —& ’s agencies duplicating the tactics— are using the techniques to replicate & distort legitimate sites in order to undermine to Ukraine.

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These techniques are subtle & far more skillful than what attempted in 2016, when it made up FB posts or tweets in the names of nonexistent Americans, & used them to fuel protests over or other hot-button issues.

The loosely linked “” creates fake versions of real news websites in the , , & , among other countries. It often promotes websites previously associated w/ Russia’s agency, known as the .

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The result is that much of the original speech is First Amendment-protected — say a member of [] declaring that resources being sent to should instead be used to patrol the southern border of the . But the amplification is engineered in or by .

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