Safe Network Update 07 December, 2023

This week we’ve all hands on deck, filling holes, bashing in nails and replacing rotten timbers in the previous testnet so we can launch the thing of beauty that is the ReduceConnectionsNet, which thus far seems to be sailing along pretty nicely. So what were those things? Well, we’d gone from requiring three verified spends to requiring five, which increased the verification time. In our small internal testnets nodes were tripping up because of s...

ForestOrca avatar

I've just come across this. Enduser. If you capitalize SAFE, or S.A.F.E. then people will recognize it as an initialism. I'm trying to find a way to shift over to FOSS, and things like SAFE Network for all the obvious reasons. Thanks for all you do!!

markhughes, avatar

That's true but the point needs to be made to MaidSafe (eg on the forum). We used to capitalise but a while ago that stopped, though I'm not sure why.

ForestOrca avatar

Fair enough. As I said, I've only just jumped on this Merry-go-round. :-D

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