Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Voted in today, a place where the Democratic primary determines some of the ultimate races. One race really struck me as emblematic of the future, assuming constitutional democracy survives in the U.S. 1/

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In one contest for county commissioner (municipal legislator, for non-Americans), three candidates vied for the Democratic nomination. One of them, though, was, until very recently, a registered Republican. Even before I knew this, it was apparent to me that she was the most conventionally pro-business candidate. Then, I read a column she wrote explaining her change of party. 2/

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With the Republican Party having degenerated into a cultish, criminal, evangelical Christian organization, it is no longer a meaningful participant in U.S. democratic politics. So, the Democratic Party is going to absorb many people into its right flank. My prediction: if U.S. constitutional democracy survives, the Republican Party will not, and the Democratic Party will eventually split into two parties, one more to the left and one more to the right. 4/4

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Full Moon Super Hero Bike Ride TONIGHT! Meetup 7pm at the Railyard Water Tower, for an amusing comedy skit on wheels. Light up your bikes, finish up your month's quota of vanquishing EVIL, and join us! This is a no drop social paced ride.

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Best thing I’ve seen in a while. Of course it’s in . At the entrance to a hiking trail. The idea is when you return to your car after a hike, you pour any unused water from your water bottles into Rusty’s mouth and, well, he “pees” it onto the young tree, to water it.

I love the little details, like the hex nuts as Rusty’s toes on his paws.

Bravo. And woof!


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That's absolutely hilarious!! TY, for posting!

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Finally a view of the last night from 🤷

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@grb090423 @brianstorms Looks like my Eclipse photos

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Santa Fe friends: I need your help. Last week I took on foster care for 4 adorable puppies thru Rezdawg rescue. They are not eligible for local shelter due to wonky jurisdiction of being surrendered on tribal land. 8 weeks old.

They are now spayed/neutered, chipped, vaccinated, weaned and crate trained and very socialized. And adorable. 2 boys, 2 girls.

Cat, large dog, and kid friendly. Just adorable and ready to bond. Adoption fee waived. Help me get the word out.

Tzopup. Male, outdoor athlete type.
Just Ken. Very social.
Chaco taco (she). Smartest of the bunch.


@trabern You "get the word out" better on Mastodon if you use hashtags. Try , ,

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Cool. Landed our first gig at Nuckolls Brewery down in the Railyard area of : Saturday Feb 17th from 4-6pm. Lots of great 60s/70s/80s so be sure to bring 500 friends.

We’ll also be playing April 4th at Rufina Taproom.

More gigs TBD.

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In New Mexico I play gigs w/ singer/songwriter Robert Marcum (acoustic guitar). I play electric bass. We do a handful of originals and tons of covers ranging from Dylan / Byrds / Beatles / Stones / Who / CSNY / Lightfoot / Simon&Garfunkel to U2 / REM / TheChurch / JacksonBrowne / Santana / JGarcia / SteelyDan / etc.

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@brianstorms -- nice! :-)

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Celebrated my bday with my Dad in Santa Fe at Geronimo. Unbelievably great food and cocktails.

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@DemocracySpot @Holberg Red chile with tamales and carne adovada, green chile on burgers, pizza, and chicken. Christmas on stuffed sopaipillas. 😂

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Once it’s over, man, they dump you so fast you don’t even know it and you’re just left to flop over, deflate, and freeze


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We got our first snow in Santa Fe this morning. 5 inches so far & it’s supposed to snow all afternoon. Beautiful isn’t it?

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@rhfinearts Got another couple storms predicted this week. We'll see...

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Short afternoon hike.

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@BramMeehan Awesome Panorama!

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Full Moon Super Hero Adult Onesie Bike Ride - 10/28 7pm meetup at the Railyard Water Tower. Light up your bikes! Be ready for a spooky good time as we tour the ancient and scary ruins of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Bee Talk & Eco-poetry Workshop
Dr. Olivia Carril and Elizabeth Jacobson

Saturday, September 23, 2023
1:00pm - 2:30pm

Bee Hotel at Santa Fe River
East Alameda and Camino Escondido, Santa Fe, NM 87501

New Mexico is home to over 1000 bee species, ranging from carpenter bees the size of a thumb, to fairy bees the size of an eyelash. All are important pollinators of our diverse native plants, and provide the foundation for healthy and resilient ecosystems. Please join Olivia and Elizabeth by the Santa Fe River for a FREE bee talk and brief exploration of Eco-poetry.

Sponsored by the Santa Fe Public Library


My wife and visited the Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, NM and it was certainly an absolute tripfest. We’ll be in Las Vegas, NV and can’t wait to see the one there!



Kit Carson killed so many Indigenous people he was famous for it. People would read about the "Indian Killer" in Europe and Asia during his lifetime. And that was before The Long Walk and the Apache Massacre.
If Americans can't find better people to honor in statues and obelisk, then they will continue to see them vandalized and destroyed. .

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Here, have a blue door.

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@Bette - It's a blue door, and it's a Blue Moon! Lovely!

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