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Author of "The Friendly Orange Glow" computer/tech history book (Pantheon, 2017)

Now: In #NewMexico. Producer-arranger-musician, Confusion Boats. Also working on new #writing project.

Before: Founder of tech startups incl Coconut Computing, Flatworks, Eventful, Nettle. Also stints at MP3•com, Eazel, eBay, and Real.

#EVs #climate #books #historyoftech #history #science #nonfiction #film #design #UX #UI #CX #product #architecture #music #bass #keyboards #guitar #movies avatar


Designing things and teaching stuff in the American desert southwest. Walking the dog when she feels like it. || Avatar by Colin Murdoch.

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Law professor, philosopher, progressive. Committed to rule of law and pluralistic democracy. Interests include art, books, history, science, cats, sharp wit. Boosts are not necessarily endorsements.


Foodie, Beer Lover, with an interest in photography, and an occasional adventurer. However I’ve been doing more traveling as of late, so except photos of my adventures. I like to find enjoy in the little things that life has to offer. Header photo taken by me.

Currently in Michigan

#Foodie #BeerLover #Photography #traveler #travelblog


I’m a blind husband and father of two boys. I’m currently a software engineering manager working for the state of Texas supporting the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program. My interests include sports, music, audio books, dining and access to technology by the blind.


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In a world filled with constant noise & distractions, I find solace in the simple things in life, the unspoiled beauty of nature. A way to connect with the Earth and find inner peace. I hope to leave behind a legacy of my love for #nature through my #photography, hoping to inspire others to find their own sense of solitude in the beauty of the world that surrounds them.
I invite you to slow down, breathe in the simple beauty & feel the deep sense of tranquility . All of my work is copyrighted. avatar


Retired small town newspaper editor & niche market magazine publisher. Liberal and political AF.

Gosh, I really like bacon. avatar


Crim Law Prof, Tribal Court Judge, Santa Fe, NM USA
I’m more into Sincere Intelligence

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