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Dammit! I hate it that I cannot edit a thread picture anymore after creating a thread in kbin!
I just get an error and that's it.

One fail and I need to make a copy of the other thread with the correct image and delete the other thread...
Also, if it takes longer to create the thread and I re-click the create-button, here we go without the picture...


@Damaskox I had noticed this myself, but didn't feel as strongly about it.

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@Skavau Might depend on 1) how many threads one makes 2) how many times one wants to associate a picture to a thread 3) how many times one fails to add the initial thread picture to a thread while creating it.

For me? A few too many.

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@Damaskox I'll check and fix it in the next update. Thanks.

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(I was a bad boy and assumed that you knew about it already and were working on it)

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