Andrew Zarian: "I feel confident to say that AEW will be on Max in 2024 and AEW will expand its PPV Schedule to 12 a year."

This quote was taken from the Mat Men podcast. Here's a Link to Zarian's tweet

How do you feel about 12 PPV's a year?

NOTE: I've changed the title and the linked tweet to more accurately reflect Zarian's words. For clarity, the title prior to my edit was:

Andrew Zarian: "This is not a prediction, I feel confident to say that MAX will be the home of AEW in 2024. And I feel confident to say they will run 12 PPVs a year on there"

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On the one hand: People aren't gonna want to spend more money on shows.

On the other hand: AEW already puts on a lot of special episodes that could rightly be PPV's and it could also help getting more work for people on shows, get more storylines, etc.

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I just want to point out that we're technically already at 10 with the addition of WrestleDream.

The original 4: Double or Nothing, Revolution, Full Gear, All Out
Forbidden Door
3 RoH PPVs: Supercard, Death Before Dishonor, Final Battle (You can argue these don't count, but they're still Tony Khan joints.)
All In

There hasn't been "just 4 or 5" for a couple years now.

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Not saying I want 12 a year, just that we're a lot closer to 12 than some might think.


I love the idea of them being on Max… the 12 PPVs not so much. I’m already less than thrilled that my friend group was priced out of Grand Slam. We went last year and the same price would push us an entire section back, which considering the ticket prices were more than the prior year and it starts to make sense that you have these buy one get one discount codes now, but with less than a week before the show the pickings are slim.

I was even offered a Suite for 20 people at $200 each 2 parking passes (so how are all 20 people getting here?) Food and drink not included, that was in July, I got an email this morning asking if I was still interested. I guess they weren’t exactly selling like hot cakes.

I know AEW isn’t the super scrappy fed they used to be, but there’s a point where you start feeling milked. Same with AEW Fight Forever, it’s a full priced wrestling game in 2023 and months later we can’t even do a 3-4 player ladder match, don’t get me started on the CAW…

They need to find the balance or we will keep seeing stories about them struggling to sell tickets to their regular shows, adding more PPVs is just going to make me pick and choose which to watch. I wanted to do All Out & All In, but I just picked All Out. Wrestle Dream sounds cool but if it’s not going to tie into story lines I’ll choose their bigger PPV that will tie into their regular shows.

I only have so much Money and Time, if this happens AEW will be 20 hours of TV plus a PPV a month. That’s not a TV show that’s a full fledged hobby’s worth of time.

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Please, because Sling sucks now

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This is worded oddly, and it is a prediction... by using the words I feel, he's making a prediction...

Now let's get to the lines themselves... "MAX will be the home of AEW in 2024"... does that mean they are leaving TV? I doubt they mean it that way but it can be read as if AEW programming will be on MAX only. I assume because of the line about 12 PPVs a year, maybe they mean the PPV programming will be on MAX.

Then there's the "I feel confident..." line about PPVs. And, I think 12 PPVs actually would fit Tony Khan's booking style better, I mean we just had back to back to back special shows, with two more coming in a matter of weeks. I feel like we never know the matches on the card until just before the card anyway. I would even test the waters at keeping them on PPV at the high price to see if people would pay it, thousands of people paid WWF and WCW monthly back in the day.

But, I am fairly certain they mean 12 PPVs on MAX starting in 2024, and I could live with that.

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I agree on the wording. I was going to post it similarly to how it was posted elsewhere (the 'bad place' post makes it sound like a fact as opposed to a "confident prediction") but I felt like this was more accurate.

On PPV's: I'd much rather 12 PPV's over 4 PPV's and a bunch of meaningless "Battle of the belts" specials. But of course, price and all that matters.

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Honestly; don't like it. 4 was great because it made the events seem special.

WWE has like 12 events a year and they're hard to keep up with and they largely don't mean anything between an event each month and 7-10 hours of tv a week.


Agreed. Part of what I enjoyed about AEW is that it was 4-5x year PPVs and 2-3 hours of TV a week. That is reasonable for an adult with other interests and commitments in life. If I wanted the WWE schedule, I would watch it.

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4-5 a year has felt perfect

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For real; with four a year, I would go out of my way to get every single one.

With 12, I can't be bothered.

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