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the rock should embrace maui and come out to youre welcome

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fuck could you imagine lol


he should live sing it lmao


With his singing ability that would be a heel move worthy of rivaling the Montreal screw job


I haven’t watched wrestling since around the time John Cena started getting big with the thug life thing. I used to love wrestling, I was at WM18. For the first time in like 20 years I started to become interested, watching Cody Rhodes clips etc, me being a big Dusty fan.

For the first time in 20 years I was interested in watching WrestleMania. I hate what I’ve seen about Roman Reigns, how he never wrestles and how he always wins by interference. So I was willing to watch it just to see Cody win it.

Now the Rock comes in, a guy who stinks of McMahon, being one of his buddies and all. And steals the spotlight from a young and talented star. I was getting sick of the Rock after all his Instagram bullshit and his shit movies, now I just want him to go away.

I dunno if this is all a work, but I’m skipping WrestleMania cause of this shit show. Not to mention the nepotism of giving his daughter a job she doesn’t deserve or is qualified for.


I've seen Rock sabotage like four Mania main events at this point and I still find it hilarious

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