Minoru Suzuki has announced he's done with NJPW.

Google translate -

I'm giving back to New Japan the name Strong Style that I borrowed a year ago. Me and Despe don't need it anymore. I've made new friends, had a lot of fun, and a lot of things happened... I've been to New Japan Pro Wrestling for quite some time, but my professional wrestling life is still in the middle of a journey. In order to become even stronger... on a journey of freedom... let's set sail.

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Should be noted he wasn't really under contract with NJPW as he's been a long-term freelancer for years. We may end up seeing a lot more of Suzuki in America (as some others have pointed out, he's a much bigger attraction at this point in his career in America than Japan and he can get bigger paydays for fewer bumps which is good at 55yo.

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Good for him!

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Definitely. Makes me wonder if TK tries to lock him in or if he just keeps freelancing officially (since he clearly has no issues doing so).

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he’s joining tjpw to take over the title of cutest in the world from maki now

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honestly her account is the only reason i miss twitter

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Her and Nyla Rose.

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