gedeonm, avatar

This is awesome! A tribute to #StarTrek #TNG Lt. Jae (Tracee Cocco). After this you won’t be able to un-see her, she’s everywhere on the Enterprise. 😅

oehlda2000, avatar

@gedeonm Raise a glass to all the extras who populate our favorite worlds!

leebennett, avatar

@gedeonm WOW I recognized her instantly but didn’t realize how often she showed up. Even in some of the movies!

gedeonm, avatar

@leebennett yep, me too. Totally didn’t know she was in generations, but there she was sitting right on the bridge. Apparently she’s also a lot in deep space nine and dozens of uncredited aliens in both series.

leebennett, (edited ) avatar

@gedeonm Appears she was also in First Contact and Insurrection.

jmuscara, avatar

@gedeonm LOL - she was even in that famous outtake in the end! So cool they used her in the films, too. YT suggests this interview with her, which I plan to check out later

gedeonm, avatar

@jmuscara Just watched it! Great stuff she’s very cool.

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