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When the US needed him to be a leader, he instead fixed his legendary focus on merely retaining the title. He has not even pretended to be a national leader. McConnell has failed our country at its moment of maximum peril.

When the time for a McConnell obituary comes, that will be his legacy.

The politics of making a good deal with Democrats on #border security and #Ukraine aid had to beshut down because Trump needs immigration as a campaign issue. "We don't want to do anything to undermine him," McConnell a power hungry #whiteChristianNationalist reportedly said.

There is evidently no principle for which McConnell will risk his personal, partisan power and position. Those are his sacred priorities, more important than preserving and protecting the #Constitution or promoting the national interest.

May karma visit onto him the pain, suffering and destruction he has caused to millions of Americans and Ukrainians. #MoscowMitch the worst of America. #Kentucky get rid of this monster.

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