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I've thought about video game genres a lot; I'm always trying to determine what makes something a "shooter" or a "racer". It beguiles me when our names for things don't always correctly describe the gameplay. When does a "shoot em up" become a "beat em up"?

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People call some games #Rougelikes or #Metroidvania to describe some difficult to articulate characteristics of a game. What other games deserve to have a whole genre named after them?

I think there's a distinct genre of games I'd call #gauntletLike or #gauntLikes. It's a top down view of a player that can move and attack in any direction. #Gauntlet is such a legend that it deserves credit.

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but two years before Gauntlet there was a game called Tazz Mania (1982) that had many of the same elements.

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@schizanon I think people call them Gauntlet clones, much the same way many maze games are Pac Man clones. Gauntlet clones are a subset of run-and-gun, a subset of multi-directional shooter.

Of course, Gauntlet's features came from its predecessor Dandy - but Dandy was less known. Gauntlet was the popular game that directly inspired so many clones.

(SMASH TV and Tazzmania drew from Berzerk and Robotron. I think Loaded drew from Gauntlet clones like Alien Breed and The Chaos Engine.)

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@isaackuo someone should build a big family tree for video games with lines between games that borrowed mechanics from each other

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@schizanon What other kinds of em'up are there?

Should Wordle be described as a guess'em'up?

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@FenTiger Mario Kart == cheat'em'up

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