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I've mostly moved on from No Man's Sky as it was clear what I wanted from the game had drastically diverged from where the developers were taking it, but I still check in on it each update. Not since Atlas Rises or Next has that divergence been made more apparent than with the latest update called Orbital.

Zero problem with starship customization, while the change in station aesthetics and lie about their interiors is disappointing and frustrating.

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No Man's Sky's station aesthetics are personal preference, but I honestly think they continue to polish away some of the game's identity with each move to greater detail and fidelity. That's the aesthetic of nearly every big space game for whatever reason.

The lie about the station interiors "now being procedurally generated" suggests they're ashamed of their initial efforts. I made mods for the game, I can tell you those interiors have always been partially generated.


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Another detail that disappoints with the No Man's Sky Orbital update is how small of an update it is to the fleet gameplay. It's slightly less of a tacked on idle game now, from the sounds of it, but you're still not being given more active uses of your fleet and direct commands to augment your regular gameplay.

There's a lot of busywork with crafting and trade that fleets could reduce, among other things, and yet...

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