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Toots usually tinged with 80s-flavoured music & nostalgia, retro computing, and more modern electronics.

Straight, cis, LGBTQ+ ally.

All toots here auto-delete after 6 months. tfr.

#80smusic #1980s #80s #TOTP #BritishTV #cooking #RaspberryPi #catsofmastodon #piano #RetroComputing #8bit #Arduino

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queer, hag hugger, women enthusiast and apologist, friend of Dorothy, into milfs and meals.

Dolly Parton said: "Find out who you are and do it on purpose", so here I am being gay and obnoxious.
When I'm not busy being obnoxious, I post about books and other things I care about.

septuagenarians stan account.

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The greatest database of queer female, non-binary and transgender characters & shows on TV. Posts by Tracy, Mika & Nikki. --

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