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The are doing White Sox thing in Philly, which means they only have a walk through six innings. Might be worth turning on the game if you like rooting for historic things. @baseball @baseball

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@cwgrody @baseball @baseball aaaaand... there went the no-hitter. Sorry guys.

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Shucks. On the bright side, the can feel proud that they got a hit. Six-and-a-third no-hit innings for Spencer Turnbull. @baseball @baseball

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@cwgrody @baseball @baseball Spencer Turnbull? The Tiger castoff?

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Tough day for me as a fan as the Detroit Tigers have signed announcer Jason Benetti to a multi-year contract. Jason is a great announcer and I am going to miss him. Don't know who they replace him with yet. I was hoping for Len Kasper but apparently he will stay on the Sox radio team. fans, get ready, you are in for an absolute treat

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@cbbruce1979 oh man, that's awful. I grew up listening to Steve Stone on Cubs broadcasts.

Listening to Jason Benetti and Steve Stone on White Sox games the last few years has been an absolute treat.

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Brand new addition to the Baseball Fights series, inspired by the events of last night…

#joseramirez #timanderson #guardians #whitesox #mlb #baseball #sportsart #baseballfights

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