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Col3814444, in Self-Checkout Machines asking for a Tip

Please donate to charity to allow this multi billion corporation to earn a reduction on its tax.


The reddit parroting needs to stop.


It’s more like give to this donation to pay to do PR for the business

vaguerant avatar

That's not how taxes work.

But like so much else these days, these giving opportunities have become controversial, in part because some critics insist retailers are taking a tax benefit for their customers’ donations.

The store serves only as a collection agent for your gift. Assuming the business is following the law, it will not include your donation as part of its business receipts, or income, nor will it claim the charitable gift as an expense.

As a customer, the donation will appear on your receipt and you can claim it as a charitable deduction when you file your income tax return.

tl;dr: You are still the one making the donation and eligible for the charitable deduction, not the business through which you donated. Businesses like it because they can say things like "Walmart facilitated donations of $n to agreeable charity in 2023." It's a company exploiting your generosity for good press, not for a tax scam.

gillrmn avatar

There was a case in which a company used the donation to fulfil its legal obligation - used the money from customers to give money the company was required to do due to a settlement. So it is a scam.


This is one of the most infuriating misconceptions, and it can be corrected with some simple research. Yet people continue to parrot this basic falsehood because "corpo bad".


Depending on what store is asking for donations, the charity might be run by friends and family of the executives or board of directors of that store.

The charity will then spend an awful lot on compensation to the people running it. The absolute worst offender in the space was Susan G Koman. (since fixed)

The point being, there are some charities that are better than others, it's often best to donate to them directly instead of going through a third party.


This is one of those things that people repeat without checking because it agrees with their worldview. I have to admit that the first time I heard it I didn't check it myself, although I didn't repeat it to anyone else before I saw it debunked elsewhere and confirmed they were correct. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to be better.

teft, in Jeff Bezo is now cosplaying as a working class man.
@teft@startrek.website avatar

Ben stiller played the greatest douchebags


I still can’t fucking believe the same guy directed Zoolander 2 and Severance.


I just watched Escape at Dannemora, which is also very good. He’s a talented guy.


There's a Zoolander 2???

@Edgarallenpwn@midwest.social avatar

Jeff: Merman, merman!


Stiller wore it better tbh

Veraxus, in Remember when Target blamed theft for closing stores? It's all lies.
Veraxus avatar

Well, yeah. It's same the lie that publishers use to justify the use of unethical, anti-consumer, customer-punishing DRM.

Make some bad business decisions? Make a bad game? Sales not meeting projections? Need a scapegoat so the investors don't rebel? You just need to blame something other than your own incompetence. It's the same thing conservatives do.

transientpunk, in America Has Reached Peak Therapy. Why Is Our Mental Health Getting Worse?
@transientpunk@sh.itjust.works avatar

Broadly gestures at everything

zcd, (edited ) in America Has Reached Peak Therapy. Why Is Our Mental Health Getting Worse?

I wonder if it could have anything to do with this apocalyptic hellscape we’re living in courtesy of the ruling class?


No, it’s probably personal failings of a few hundred million people. The systems are great

SomeoneElse, in French police say ‘we are at war with vermin’ as they threaten revolt over rioting

It’s behind a paywall for me. I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that calling the rioters “vermin” isn’t exactly going to calm the situation.

Haus avatar

Echoes of The Spanish Inquisition... not a good sign.


I find it hard to disagree when it appears to be teenagers burning and looting for the thrill of it.

porygon, (edited )

Multiple rioters have broken into police armouries and have taken firearms. I saw a vid last night on twitter where one was carrying around a belt-fed LMG, if twitter wasn't fucked right now I'd link it.

They are vermin. They aren't protesting anything anymore, they're just lighting things on fire.

Oh hey here it is: https://twitter.com/abroadfren/status/1675380197124866050, you can see another one brandish a pistol.


So they are attempting to defend themselves against a well armed militarized police force. How dare they!


They wouldn't have to defend themselves if they'd stop looting and setting shit on fire.

You're the same kind of troglodyte that thinks this will accomplish something.


“everything will be fine if you just stop resisting!”


@DarkDarkHouse@lemmy.sdf.org avatar

Police nationale: Why are they upset, what did I say?


“savage hordes of vermin”


Another french revolution in the works? Lol

servobobo, in Young adults set an earlier bedtime as they navigate economic fatigue, wellness trends, and a loneliness epidemic

“Economic fatigue” nice newspeak for being piss-poor as a consequence of legislative failure to curtail wage theft over the past few decades.

@FlashMobOfOne@lemmy.world avatar

Why would they curtail it when the voters show their support for it every two years without fail?


Hey I don’t support it! I just voted for Democrats to prevent Trump doing fascist things like genocide. I’ve been laying on that pressure to push them further left by posting online, or something. If they don’t listen, I’ll primary them out… unless of course they know better than us and tweak the primaries a little.

I mean yeah I’ll keep voting for the same people, but they should know I’m very upset.


I don’t like that that feels so relatable.

Although I also say loudly and to anyone who will listen in real life that I wish to chop the heads off of billionaires and burn all of their headquarters to the ground. Hopefully, they resonate with that and we can get this ball rolling.


Or legislative success in suppressing organized labor.


Union busting Biden. Fucking shame!


OMG. Can we stop circle jerking about something that didn’t happen? I’m just gonna paste my last comment about this because I don’t have the energy…

I’m no fan of Biden (though I did and will vote for him) but that’s not what happened. He did not bust the unions, the 12 unions still exist. He broke a strike, which is the intended purpose of the Railway Labor Act of 1926.

The law Biden put before congress to force a resolution to the three year negotiation deadlock would have guaranteed the workers 7 days of sick leave per year (they wanted 15). It passed the House but the Senate knocked it down to 1 day, with a 14% immediate pay increase and an additional 25% over the next five years.

Biden continued negotiate for the unions to get the sick days. They don’t all have them yet, but at this point 61% of the workers do have 4 short notice paid sick days with the option to trade three personal days for an additional 3 short notice sick days. Negotiations are still happening, the Biden administration is still part of them.

The Ohio derailment disaster was not a result of worker error (or lack of sick days) but lack of maintenance regulations, which was not something that was being negotiated at that time.




Beau of the Fifth Column, Let’s Talk About Biden, the Rails and Sick days… Youtube link


The fucking goddamn ghouls in the Senate think people get sick ONCE a year? Or are they too fucking greedy and think “my stocks might lose value if those companies have to pay workers when they’re not working! Unacceptable!!”

I have a pretty poor view of our fellow citizens, but to be “represented” by that kind of disgusting human? It’s laughable to consider them representing anything but wealth…


The fucking goddamn ghouls in the Senate [with unlimited paid sick leave that they use a lot because they are elderly and infirm] think people get sick ONCE a year?

givesomefucks, in Income isn't keeping up with inflation, 76% of Americans say in new CBS News poll

Stop calling corporate greed inflation…

Even adjusted for “inflation” they’re making record profits for the most part.

They just realized that since a handful of giant corporations control all the major brands, if everyone raises prices no one has other options.

It’s fucking price fixing. And neither political party wants to do anything because they get a lot of donations from corporations to pretend there’s any other reason for this besides greed.


The trick they used to fire it up "inflation" is hitting staples like eggs and meat... very smart move and like criminal but jack shit Daddy Sam gonna do for stupid peasants here.

Rent is another one, they are not even going after well off, they are literally punking people from the bottom up.


When the gov and giant corps are in bed together, it almost makes for a fascist state. Just need to solidify the power into one, maybe two parties for good PR and…oh wait…


Well, yeah…

There has to be at least two so they can argue about stuff that doesn’t effect the people so wealthy to be insulated from them…

Meanwhile no matter who wins an election, the rich win 100% of the time.

Bonus point if your two official parties are also “private groups” who can do literally anything they want. They could even legally nominate the exact same person to the general even if that person didn’t run in either primary.

They’re private parties, they can do whatever the fuck they want and they’re also the only ones who can change the system they dominate.

You do that, and revolution is more of an inevitablity on a long enough timeline.


It’s also because as social security is closer and closer to failing, seniors are extremely reliant on retirement plans that rely on always increasing stock market values.

Stock only go up when profits go up. Everything else be damned.


Be careful. If you find evidence and notify the FBI your ass will be in prison with Mark Whitacre.


The worst thing over the middle of the pandemic was when news reporters started using the i word.

It’ kind of crazy how quickly the tone of interviews from industry reps and leaders shifted. From: “We’re sorry but we’ll all get through this. There are supply chain shortages due to not being able to transport or produce these essential goods and it leads to a chain reaction”


“YUP inflation. Sorry nothing we can do about it you know how that economy do.”

AllonzeeLV, (edited ) in Gen Zers are turning to ‘radical rest,’ delusional thinking, and self-indulgence as they struggle to cope with late-stage capitalism

Finally, almost an entire generation that recognizes playing the owner’s rigged game just makes you a sucker.

Subsist and save your entire life, conflating the pressure to be miserable living for rich owners who don’t care to know your name with being “responsible,” as they’ve propagandized most to believe, and for what?

If you don’t get hit by a bus or a tumor getting there, to be a withered husk in one of our many almost-dead communities, thrown away by family too busy playing the same rigged game you did to care for you? Sitting in front of a TV you can’t see clearly, too broken from work and time to do the things you always told yourself you’d get to do one day as your reward for studiously toiling for entitled sociopaths barking orders remotely from their lives of perpetual vacation that you were trained from Kindergarten to live most of your waking life for like a good lil’ doggy?

Hard Pass🖕


It’s not their whole generation sadly. If you get on TikTok you’ll see plenty of gen Z with completely boomer, highly individualistic, analysis of some systemic issues going on right now.



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  • AlexWIWA,



    For fuckin real. If you are conflating reality and social media you have lost the plot.


    Or are passing for journalist these days…


    I’m not sure how perfectly reflective tiktok is of the views of the generation as a whole. I know the meme is that gen z is “the tiktok generation” but you also have to distinguish users from creators, and also note the huge bias any one viewer has based on what tiktok decides to show them.




    Waaaay older than gen* z and I wholeheartedly agree and think the capitalists are just mad people woke up to a game they can never win.


    Uranium3006 avatar

    after the USSR fell they didn't think they had anything to worry about and went whole hog on us, assuming we'd never break. unfortunately for them we're getting closer and closer. I'd argue that we already have the base level of dissatisfaction necessary for a revolution, we just lack the organizing needed



    Anticorp, in North Carolina Republicans create "secret police force"

    In the event that Gov Ops searches a person’s home, these rules mean that the person 1) must keep the entry a secret, 2) cannot seek outside help (unless necessary for fulfilling the request, the law says), and 3) could face criminal charges if Gov Ops deems them uncooperative.

    This is a blatant violation of multiple constitutional rights. No wonder they want it kept secret, they’re building the Gestapo. They’re dismantling American liberty in favor of over fascism.

    FarraigePlaisteach avatar

    There is no “American liberty” until natives get their


    Too late. Find a better solution than one that helps five fucking people.

    FarraigePlaisteach avatar

    The next time you need justice, I hope someone says something better to you than “too late, you’re just one person”.


    It’s too late because it’s hundreds of years and MILLIONS of deaths late, you numpty dumbass. There are far, FAR more people than the natives, now. Do you like white-knighting for lost causes? Good for you, idiot.

    How about you stop pretending to care about the wellbeing of others if you’re going to ignore the struggle of most in favor of tokens?

    FarraigePlaisteach avatar

    It’s not just hundreds of years. Those people are still there today. It’s never too late to do the right thing. In fact, Canada has returned some stolen land lately so please don’t tell me that it’s too difficult when you haven’t even tried.

    By the way, on second reading of your reply you sound like an absolute maniac. Are there any other minorities you’d like to see deprived of justice and funding? Wheelchair users maybe? The deaf or blind? Check yourself.


    We’re talking about a general issue affecting hundreds of millions. My point is NOT that natives have no valid gripes. It’s that you are ignoring a HUGE current issue to whine about an issue where it is TOO LATE to have any similar kind of impact.

    You are the dumbass whining about how the A/C hasn’t worked for years in a car while the engine is about to explode.


    It’s Krazy to be this much of a dick to an indigenous person. I bet you want black people to stop whining about slavery and reparations too.


    What part of, “this is NOT about whether natives have valid gripes” did your dumb ass fail to understand?


    Yeah, you for sure just don’t like minorities.


    Keep assuming. It’s rather pathetic, but that seems apt for you.


    Says the guy furiously typing “too late” at an indigenous person. Get yourself together.

    MotoAsh, (edited )

    Again, keep assuming. I get the popcorn out when you morons with nothing but insults come out. You’ve said nothing to address my points, just insist that caring about a larger population’s problems more than a smaller population… when the main topic started as the larger population, is somehow an indication that I don’t care about people.

    You’re right. I don’t care about morons that INSIST on a topic coming back to a more personal topic to them.

    Fuck you. Get over yourself. Native people weren’t the topic, and they’re a smaller group. Fucking grow up and stay on topic, you child. Native people will suffer these repercussions even worse than other races, so if you actually care about them, stop the fucking steamroller coming for all of us, because you guys get the short end of the stick first.


    Lol, I made you type all of that and I’m not even going to read it. You’re salty 😂😂😂


    No, you’re just dumb. Thanks for proving me correct.


    Still talking? Not even trying to enjoy some time with your family? Maybe do something productive? Nope, just being big mad on the Internet 😂😂😂


    You are a very sad person.


    😂😂😂😭😂 done yet? Lmao


    Just proving me more and more correct. Keep it coming.


    Last word type of person, hmm?


    It’s never too late to do what is right and to make amends for wrongs committed no matter how long ago it happened. Your actions affect people for the rest of their lives, often changing them permanently, and this is why we must aspire to be kinder to each other and to emphasize with one another.

    Especially in terms of genocide and other crimes committed against whole cultures. Those types of crimes not only affect the direct victims, but their descendants, whose potential, prospects and lives were permanently changed for the worse before they were even born. What the Native Americans suffered is so horrendous it is hard to even describe. And it is all a part of the United States’s long history of racism, fascism, slavery and hatred.

    To argue it’s irrelevant is not only pretty obnoxious but incorrect.


    I agree it’s never too late. I am arguing the magnitude of impact. Helping a couple million people decades after the fact in favor of helping the dozens of millions impacted today is simply short-sighted target fixation.


    Hashtags on here don’t work that way.

    FoundTheVegan, in This sign says it all.
    FoundTheVegan avatar

    All children in Gaza are terriosts! Or potential terriosts! Isreal NEEDS to bomb ambulances, hospitals and water wells because that is where all the terriosts are! ya see?Any amount of infrastructure supports terriosism! Bombing is a nessecity!

    It's outright ghoulish.

    @Gandarf@startrek.website avatar

    Who said this?


    The dude in my garden who scares away birds does.


    Israel's actions did


    a straw man

    TinyPizza avatar

    Whichever Hasbara the wheel lands on usually. Some are better than others though.


    Well, it‘s actually true that Hamas uses civil infrastructure and civilians as shields, you can’t deny that. Of course that doesn‘t mean that Israel can just bomb everything.


    in an area where the population density is 5,300 people/km2 “human shields” is a quite weak argument. It is practically impossible to seperate civillian and military infrastructure in such densely populated areas.

    For comparision the Netherlands has about 500 people/km2 and it is one of the most densely populated countries in Europe.


    There is a difference between the close proximity of military and civilian infrastructure because of a high population density and actively choosing hospitals as military bases.


    Another great way of not getting your civilians targeted is to wear identifying uniforms.

    It’s almost like Hamas doesn’t want to prevent civilian casualties.


    Well that totally justifies killing everyone in sight


    No, but it does justify telling all civilians to evacuate weeks before launching an actual full scale attack, increasing their odds of survival from 0% to 90%. War is ugly.


    War is ugly.

    Supporting white supreamcist settler-colonialism is ugly, too.


    Most Israelis are non-Ashkenazi, so not “white”.

    And considering there has been a continuous Jewish presence in Israel for thousands of years, your (lack of) logic is flawed.

    Did you find some big words you’re trying to find a way to practice?


    Most Israelis are non-Ashkenazi, so not “white”.

    Say it louder. Bellow it from the rooftops so that every Jewish person in occupied Palestine can hear you - they aren’t “white” enough for you… just like your European ancestors insisted when they massacred Jewish people and drove them from their homes due to their rabid antisemitism. Show them why you really enable them, right-winger.

    Jewish presence in Israel

    Yeah… that’s why there are Jewish Palestinians, Christian Palestinians and, of course, Muslim Palestinians. They have been there for centuries - long before Christian antisemites invented the ideology of Zionism.


    Until you start using terms like occupied America and occupied Australia, you’re just a hypocrite.

    And an antisemitic hypocrite, at that.


    And an antisemitic hypocrite, at that.

    Oh look… a right-winger pretending that criticizing the west’s little kapo state in the middle-east is (somehow) “antisemitic.”

    How precious.


    You are right. Hamas is not acting responsible leave alone lawful in where they put military installations. But that is used by Israel to just bomb anything they feel like bombing, and for that it is a weak arguement. Especially since we have nothing but Israels pinky promise that there were military targets in whatever they bombed.

    Given how Israel extensively attacked civillian and ambulance convoys fleeing on the routes designated by Israel to flee to the south, as demanded by Israel, i cannot help the feeling that they are just shooting at random to instill more fear and destruction.

    For that again i find it weird, how Israel was entirely unprepared for the terror attacks of Hamas on the 7. October but immediately claimed to know exactly where Hamas is having what installations in Gaza. I remember how the Russian preparations for the Ukraine invasion have been discussed for months and the question remaining was, whether Putin is that insane or not. Now with Hamas that question was moot, so how the fuck did Israel both know exactly where all of Hamas is, but didnt notice any preparations for the attacks?

    I cannot shake the feeling that Israel has much less knowledge about Hamas positions than they claim.


    Or, that they do know what’s going on, but let the attack happen because Israeli civilians are nearly as expendable as Palestinian civilians, at least to the people who profit from the war machine…


    Israel does appear to value its civilians a lot more than Hamas. There have been prisoner swaps where Hamas will hold out swapping one Israeli until Israel agrees to literally hundreds of Palestinians.


    What a bargain!

    @JoeBigelow@lemmy.ca avatar

    Somebody should tell Israel


    it‘s actually true that Hamas uses civil infrastructure and civilians as shields

    Riiight… there’s a Hamas “terrorist” hiding behind every Palestinian child… and if you can’t see them, it just proves how sneaky they are, amirite?


    “Anyone who runs is Viet Cong. Anyone who stands still is well disciplined Viet Cong.”


    How can you shoot women and children?!?!

    Easy, you just don’t lead them as much


    Said no one. Ever. Except you.

    Conyak, in America Has Reached Peak Therapy. Why Is Our Mental Health Getting Worse?

    Because of late stage capitalism and climate dread. There is no longer hope for the future.


    Agree with your two concerns wholeheartedly but never appropriate to give up hope. Hang in there please!


    “Hang in there” is not therapy, to me it’s infuriating if anything. I can list several well-grounded in reality reasons which made me lose hope. Random phrases are not changing either these reasons or my ability to adapt to them. At some point “hope” feels like self-delusion. But it’s nice to know others are not there yet.


    Hmm. Well “hang in there” sure made me feel good when I heard it during cancer treatment when I at times thought all hope was lost, but here I am.


    I think or of absolutely reasonable to give up hope on climate change. Its too late to stop it. We are now living in it.


    That’s a fair point for sure. It’s definitely going to get a lot worse and there’s no changing that (just the extent I suppose). However, there’s still always hope no matter what.


    I've always appreciated a short dialogue from the show Monk.

    Monk: I had hope. Isn't hope the worst?
    Natalie: No, Mr Monk. Hope is a good thing.
    Monk: You're very young.


    Thanks for sharing that’s admittedly still relatable despite my opinion!

    deweydecibel, in America Has Reached Peak Therapy. Why Is Our Mental Health Getting Worse?

    The price tag on that therapy, for one.

    Legitimately, it’s one of sickest jokes about this country, that you can spend an hour with a therapist working on improving your mood, walk out of the session, and have it immediately undone when the receptionist tells you what the copay is.


    This is so crazy to me. Many mental health places near me won‘t even take insurance. I got an estimate on getting tested for ADHD the other day at 5k. This was after the year wait to even hear back.


    At that point, would going to mexico be better? I mean, goddamn, 5k. I got mine done for the equivalent of 500usd.


    I lucked out and happen to be going for my Master‘s degree. The University had a trainee do it for only 500 usd. I have my suspicions the other place (with the quote) may be an extreme example, but it’s still insane


    100% agree that it's fucked up, but also you should check on if there's some sort of a community counseling program. I know where I live they do community counseling and it's sliding scale down to $5. I really wish that was more places


    Those community counseling programs tend to be absolutely overwhelmed and have very long wait times.

    vtez44, in Self-Checkout Machines asking for a Tip

    The machines should tip the customer for doing job well. After all, it's him doing the work cashier typically does.

    @Sir_Kevin@lemmy.world avatar

    This is why every item gets it’s own bag when I’m using self checkout (the bags are useful to me). They gotta pay some kind of tax for my service


    they might not know it but they do tip me


    Great work me! Here you go bud.

    scans two bags of cheese together


    Grate work m8.

    meat is also cheese.

    Gigan, in Millionaire tries to prove becoming wealthy is easy by becoming homeless and making a million in a year - and of course fails miserably and quits, citing reality
    @Gigan@lemmy.world avatar

    Black ended the challenge having completed 10 months, with just 60 days left to run. He had managed to make a grand total of $64,000.

    Despite failing to make the million dollars he had aimed for, Black says it was still a successful experiment after demonstrating how it was possible to rebuild his life through the power of determination.

    ‘We should always remember to help those in need because it could be the opportunity that they need,’ Black said.

    All things considered he did pretty good. $64,000 is a lot more than most people make in a year and he did it in 10 months when he was homeless.


    He also was an entrepreneur before he became homeless. It's not like he completely forgot his entire life before he started the "experiment". He had both skills and a history. I'm not so sure it'd be as possible for someone who's been homeless for a while, or ended up homeless because of a wealth of problems both financial and psychological.

    He is a literal temporarily embarrassed millionaire.

    @Gigan@lemmy.world avatar

    I agree. A better experiment would be to live homeless for a full year first, and then spend the second year trying to make money.


    Even that would probably be pretty easy to come back from, comparitively.

    You'd have to intentionally tank your credit score, burn all your bridges, probably even take up an addiction or two, to get anywhere near the same kind of experience.

    Bonus points if you impose a familial burden. Having a child, or at least a bag of sugar you have to stuff several hundred dollars into once a week in lieu of personal expenditures to avoid putting an actual child through that stress, so your concern isn't strictly for yourself.

    Which isn't to say I think they'd even get past the initial year you suggest. This guy couldn't get past a year without that stipulation.


    Several things weren’t considered in the experiment:

    • A lot of people on the streets have some degree of mental illness or come from another background of vulnerability.
    • he started the experiment im good health. Constant malnutrition is something that destroys someone’s hability to concentrate and think on complex subjects, and a reality for most homeless people
    • A lot of homeless people have no digital devices needed to take things from a site and resell online
    • No one in their right mind will trust a stranger from the streets to sleep in their van. He got this privilege probably by talking to someone and explaining his experiment or something.
    • in a lot of places, there are no free things available to resell. Also, he probably already got this idea before starting the experiment.
    • the site didn’t mention where he did the experiment, because a lot of people on the streets are subject to violence and live in constant danger
    • and the most important one: there aren’t enough free stuff available for all homeless people to resell. If everyone tried this, the “market” would eventually saturate and no one would get a profit anymore.

    I remember someone from here in Brazil that tried a similar experiment, but on a smaller scale. He started by buying a box of candies and reselling to people going through a busy avenue. Every time he sold all the candies, he had to buy more, getting just a small profit. At the end, he had to eat, and then spent everything, while being still hungry. The experiment wasn’t viable, because he didn’t even manage to end the day with more than when started. I tried to find the video to link, but couldn’t find it, unfortunately. But anyway, I believe this was much closer to the real experience.

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