My family still pays for a cable sub despite having access to Roku TV. Its only a little bit worse than Netflix st this point, streaming services are so fucking bad.

I actually really liked TV with its carefully timed re-runs, the bit of randomness, the frequent breaks. It was a great way to enjoy TV. Didnt make it too precious. If we had simply stronger rulings on how shit ads could be, I’m sure I would not have cut cable 10 years ago. Damn its not even been 10 years, likez that’s how quickly the situation has devolved.

The only service Ice enjoyed that entire time is YouTube, and thats with about 12 asterisks because if youve watch youtube its with a lot of grips and pains.


I guarantee you, that every single streaming company knew that this was going to happen, and realized that the only way to have a good bargaining ship on the table was to have your own successful streaming service. The next step will be numerous streaming services aggregating together under a new umbrella service.

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has come. ten years ago it was like 10 minutes of commercials for 5 minutes of content which was super cheap to produce reality fare.


People still watch cable TV? Why would you pay to watch ads all day?

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I dunno, ask the people that pay for hulu or peacock.


same with people who listen to the radio and pretend not to notice its 80% commercials.


At least it’s free.


I technically pay for cable along with Netflix and Crave as a part of my internet package so that it makes my internet cheaper. As stupid as it sounds, I currently save $30 a month until my 2 years is up and then they’ll find some sort of equivalent package to keep me when I threaten to switch next summer, but as long as internet alone is pushing $90-$100 a month, I’ll stick to this and pay $65.


I really feel this article. My boomer mother has kept a TV running her whole life. These days, she’s either watching some reality show, a Blue Bloods marathon, or a CBS procedural. It’s really depressing.

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My mom keeps talking to me about funny commercials she’s seen, as if I have any idea what she’s talking about.


Sounds like mine also.

Add in a 90’s medical drama of some sort with a patient flat-lining for 2 or 3 minutes straight.

Or the annoying AF “dun-dun” from whatever “law & order” series she’s watching.

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I like that enshittify is becoming a thing. Can’t wait to see it in the dictionary


That would be a good “word of the year”

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