He treats objects like women, man


Loved the house used for the indoor shots in this scene. I believe it’s a famous piece of brutalist architecture in the LA Hills.

theodewere avatar

people forget that the brain is the biggest erogenous zone

IHeartBadCode avatar

Yeah well, I still jerk off manually.


That moment when you know you went to the wrong job interview…

urda, avatar

Hello, Dude.

blackluster117, avatar

You mix a helluva Caucasian, Jackie.


A silly thought: I want to take that scene & run it through AI, have Jackie walk up & say, “Valentine’s Day is coming & Jackie Treehorn hopes you do too…”

ummthatguy, avatar
urda, avatar

I wouldn’t know, Dude. I deal in publishing, entertainment, political advocacy.

ummthatguy, avatar

Which one’s “Log Jammin?”

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