I saw this one live- they opened for tool in DC like 20 years ago. I didn’t realize it was Mike Patton at first, and this guy comes out wearing a respirator and a security guard outfit. Man it was fucking weird, but ended up being such a great performance!


I was at the Cleveland show of this tour! Patton played the kettle drums on triad, it was legit.

This was before I really knew much about Patton so the tomahawk opener was wasted on me then.


Yeah!!! Same with me. I didn’t realize who they were and didn’t appreciate what I was seeing/hearing the way I should have. It wasn’t until after the show when I was doing some googling that I realized it was Mike- and that he’d been in like 30 bands, Mr Bungle, Faith no more to name a couple big ones. Good times!


Such a good track. Highly recommend


Love this stupid talented man


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