Wow, I want this. When can I get it?


I’d like an eink device with a battery like this, just mainly out of curiosity I know it would be terrible for videos etc but I imagine you could get a decent amount of browsing and an absolute year or more of just reading.


If you install Lineage without GMS on a modern Phone, I’d bet you could get the same results.


“of standby”

Well that’s not worth much.

Minimize energy consumption and put a large battery. Doesn’t seem that special.

My phone could probably do a fair few weeks on just standby in a power saving mode.

skullgiver, (edited )
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  • Dasus,

    I seriously doubt it’s a months worth of browsing, lolz.

    It’s like those tests in which they test how far a car can go on a tank. They set up a perfect surface, perfect conditions, and keep the car steadily going at a steady speed and rpm. Something which would realistically never happen, accelerating once on a full tank.

    I mean I guess it’s still a lot, but, you know, it’s very much rounded up.

    Personally my phone would go days, but I can drain it in a matter of hours with active use. (This is like 6 years old though, but had a very large capacity for when it was released)


    Lol no. They are claiming 7 days of normal usage.


    Don’t know where you read that, but in the Article they talk about 5 days talk-time -> 5 days of non-stop calls if i interpret that correctly

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    Didn’t they already try years ago and it was crap?


    I stopped trusting Enigizer and Duracell when they started marketing shit quality batteries just so they could call their normal ones their “Premium” batteries or whatever, and bump the prices up.

    Horrible business practice and truly devastating for the environment.

    Fuck them both, don’t give them a penny of your money


    Whose batteries do you buy?


    Not OP, but my advice: buy rechargeable. IKEA and Kirkland batteries are excellent in my experience.

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    IKEA Batteries are (were?) Panasonic Eneloop rebranded. They are considered among the best rechargeable batteries

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    I still have some AA Eneloops from 13 or 14 years ago. They cost more, but well worth it.

    Mr_Blott, (edited )

    Ansmann make high quality rechargeable, low self discharge batteries that last a decade in my experience. Worth the extra money

    Edit - I should add - Do not buy these from Amazon! They’re one if the best brands you can get, so there’s a good reason they’re half the price there. I got some 2850mah AAs and they lasted one day in a soap dispenser. Fake shite


    Last experience I had with an energizer brand power bank, it was a piece of junk. Same for their USB cords. I’m not trusting they’ve changed until plenty of reviews come out and it’s been on the market for a while.

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    “If you never use it it never runs out” ¯_(ツ)_/¯


    94 days (they said 2252 hours in the article) on 28,000 mAh? that means a more normal phone with 5,000 mAh would get nearly 17 days of standby time? I’ve never tried not touching my phone for a full day but I don’t believe that, not with Android running. Maybe if it was untouched and in airplane mode lol.

    ladfrombrad, (edited )
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    I have a Cubot King Kong 5 Pro. Yes, it’s named that.

    I haven’t even had the endurance to test its battery life. Thing lasts forever if it has no SIM card / WiFi / BT and might as well be a MP3 player that lasts you weeks.

    edit: I turned it on 5 days ago after this comment and turned weefee/BT/NFC off. 85% remaining.

    Should be a fun thing to watch.


    When I’m hiking I only use my phone to take photos and to check the weather and maps (+ airplane mode when I’m not checking the weather). My Pixel 7 easily lasts half a week to a week with that usage.


    It is amazing how long a phone lasts without many apps installed. I put Lineage with gapps on my old pixel 3 and didn’t install much. I think it would last a couple weeks if I just changed it up and left it alone.


    Just wait until you try it without gapps


    When I change phone and uninstall apps I am always amazed how much the battery improves.

    Once you remove the sim card, uninstall all email clients and instant messengers, the battery life skyrockets


    My brick has pretty good battery life too. I’ve owned it 20 years, never had to recharge the battery. Doesn’t really do much, but otherwise can’t complain!


    They’re inflated number for real-world use, but years ago I did a pointless experiment with some friends where we posted a Motorola Android phone to each other to ‘map’ the postal network. The phone was packaged up with everything that could be turn off, only GPRS data enabled and took GPS reading once a minute (or every five minutes when stationary) and posted them to a web server. Even after two weeks it had well over 50% of its battery left.

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    With phones with removable batteries, you could get extra large batteries with a replacement back cover. I had one for my Galaxy Nexus I’d slap on when I knew it’d be a long day.


    Wow, that must have gotten 3 hours SoT!

    I loved my Gnex but its endurance was poor.



    I used to carry spare batteries with my S4 - they were slim, so it was easy. So I had to reboot to swap the battery - no big deal


    Honestly that kind of turns your phone into a brick. With that being said companies shouldn’t glue the battery in. If a user wants to replace it they should be able to get to the battery without having to pry it out.

    @Max_P@lemmy.max-p.me avatar

    It really wasn’t that bad of a brick. Definitely still a bit of a brick and I received comments about it, but honestly you get used to it pretty quick.

    Definitely not nearly as big as it would to put a power bank on the back of a modern phone over USB-C, maybe like 3-5mm more on the back side of the phone. It only doubled the battery thinkness, and that was a fairly thin phone to begin with.


    You missed the opportunity to make everything rhyme with brick


    They still make kind of similar. It just goes over the USB C slot and also acts as a phone case.

    Problem is that most of them sold are all pretty junky, aside from ZeroLemon ones. ZL already stopped making them for my N20Ultra.

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