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Please someone tell me a scenario, where I would use the eyewear-free 3D features in everyday life? Not just a magic trick, but an actual practical use.


I had an HTC EVO 3D back in the day. Total gimmick. But that was a long time ago.

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3DS Emulation?

And 3D movies

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Google Maps?

I was searching for somewhere the other month and with my phone didn’t realise it could superimpose things like that


In the Nintendo 3DS the 3D felt great, specially in the second iteration with the cameras that auto adjust the 3D effect based on your eyes position. Outside of gaming I can’t see any practical use. 3D movies always felt weird to me.


3D movies always felt weird to me

I think the big issue is that for most 3D releases it’s more of an afterthought. It is however pretty cool in movies specifically made for it such as the Avatar movies.


Funny enough, I think subtle 3D depth effects on 2D games were some of the best uses of the 3DS’ technology.
An UI built around subtle depth could be really nice, flat design has made everything very… well, flat.


agree, I’m at this point so burnt out on flat UI designs. Its been 10 years now and I have had enough


I wish they would bring their nubia devices to europe without such bad software support. The Z50 Ultra is the only current phone without a notch or punchhole



what does this mean?


Eyewear-free 3D is a 3D screen you can use without glasses.

They should delineate the buzzword salad better.


I feel like this device should also be Gluten Free.


what does this mean?

It’s eyewear-free 3D


Remember the 3DS? Yea like that

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