What free apps and games are good to put on an android phone?

So ive had a phone for a bit now but i struggle at finding game sand apps to put on it especially free ones. its kinda mid range dphone it cant run genshin impact at all but it runs stuff like battle cats really well i also struggle at finding good or useful apps to download so if you know any please suggest some or something.


https://gamesnacks.com/ can be installed as a PWA if you're interested in casual games.


I'm a big fan of FarmRPG. Semi-idle "numbers go up", mostly text + static images game with a lovely community. It has zero ads and, even though it has a paid currency and some very unoptimized ways to spend it, the game is very generous with it (to the point where I've earned the vast majority of my currency by trading resources). It's a bit janky, but fun.

Shattered Pixel Dungeon is free and great fun. It's a roguelike dungeon exploration game, there are many forks of the original Pixel Dungeon but this is my favorite one. Similar to this is Hoplite, a very short (in the free version) turn-based, almost puzzle-like game where you have to get through monster-filled rooms to proceed. Lots of mechanics that you have to learn to use in order to survive.

For more strategy, seconding Polytopia, as well as Unciv (it even has mods!), which is a Civilization-like game.

For a simple but fun gameplay loop, Alto's Adventure and Alto's Odyssey, where you slide your way down various landscapes. The latter especially adds a lot of fun little tweaks onto the original's formula.

I Love Hue and especially I Love Hue 2 are great "arrange the colors properly" games. Hundreds of levels, no nonsense, solid fun.

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Vector, Hill Climb Racing and Asphalt Nitro are some the classics.


I really love unciv, it's a clone of civ 5, same mechanics but with pixelart graphics


I highly recommend kingdom rush. Imo one of the best tower defense games.


If your looking for games, I really like nonogram and geometry dash.


I like osmand. I usually have my state and surrounding states downloaded just in case. It also can show more information than Google maps, especially for hiking and mountain biking, you can also customize the map display as well. The navigation is obviously not as good as maps but it's reliable af.

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i play brawl stars a lot, would recommend it


this isn't a game but I used to be the same and never got any games that cost money.

Until I found the google surveys app, it gives you money for filling out surveys for Google (questions like "is this interesting?" and showing a pic of an ad. takes a couple seconds and you get $0.1-$1 from it)

now I have Stardew valley, Minecraft and about ~$30 just hanging around that I can use on the play store for movies or whatever. worth looking into if you didn't know about it

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Polytopia is pretty fun, especially with friends

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Seconded! I don't game much on my phone, but Polytopia is easy to pick up, fun, and has tons of replay-ability

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Pinball Deluxe Reloaded for action
Patience Revisited for solitaire

And that's about it.

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Simon Tatham's Puzzles is a fantastic FOSS collection of logic puzzles. The only good mobile game, really.


Just downloaded and this is great! Thanks for the rec.

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Fantastic reccomendation thank you!

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Go download Fdroid and go to town, its a great repository of FOSS android apps

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Retro Bowl is fucking amazing. Really the only mobile game I've played a lot of

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There was a really solid tower defense game on fdroid that I played a ton when I had an android

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