Finally installed F-Droid

Since simple mobile tools will soon become a spyware and I use 3 of their apps regularly, yesterday I installed F-Droid after reading many Lemmy recommendations.

Wow, I’m pleasantly surprised.

A new app I’ve tested is Spotube (Spotify open source alternative; edit: apparently it uses Spotify metadata but it streams from YouTube. My bad.).

Any other underrated app y’all recommend?


Some of them are not underrated, but I’d just share my favorites…

  • AntennaPod for podcasts.
  • Aurora Store if you need some Google apps to be updated.
  • Binary Eye is a nice and slim qr code scanner and generator.
  • CriticalMaps is a good tool if you’re into critical mass events.
  • GadgetBridge can be a companion app for your smartwatch (if you have the right one).
  • GPS logger just logs your position in an interval you can set. I use it to track my movement in 30min bits.
  • GymRoutines is a privacy friendly gym exercise app with a database of your progress.
  • K9 mail (soon to be rebranded as Thunderbird mobile) is a powerful mail app.
  • KeePassDX is an android password manager compatible with keepass files.
  • LibreTorrent is a nice way to torrent your favorite linux distros while on the go.
  • Location Map Viewer I use with the gpx files I get from GPS logger to visualize my movements.
  • mpv just plays a lot of media without being a bloated thing like vlc. I use mpv for videos, vlc for music.
  • NewPipeSponsorblock is available in a custom repo only.
  • Ning is a nice way to get an overview over a local network.
  • OpenTracks can be used in combination with GadgetBridge to record your sports with gps.
  • OSMand gives you a frontend for using openstreetmap with offline maps, navigation and more.
  • PDF Doc Scan is my way to digitalize important letters as a pdf on the go.
  • StreetComplete is a gamificated way to fill in missing things in openstreetmap. it’s fun.
  • Syncthing-Fork (important to use the fork) is a file sync tool I use to backup a lot of my phones folders to a pc.
  • Tusky is my favorite way to browse mastodon.
  • VLC is a powerful media player (I then use only to shuffle through my mp3s).
alphacyberranger, avatar

Thanks for this list.


Interesting list. Antennapod is an excellent podcast app - use it every day. I’ve never found VLC to be bloated though. And am curious about the SyncThing fork vs. regular SyncThing.


Why is it important to use the fork of syncthing?


I use it because it moves a lot of settings into the sync jobs.

So now I can set individual sync jobs to only run on my home wifi and ac power, and other sync jobs (like my photos) to sync over any network and any power state.

DeltaTangoLima, avatar

The dev said a couple of weeks ago that they’re planning on closing their Google Play Developer account, so using the fork means you’ll be able to keep up with new releases from that point.



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  • csfirecracker,

    Yes. These are all android apps from the f-droid app store


    I do love OSMand, it is easily the app I have used and depended on the most in the past ten-ish years.

    sabreW4K3, avatar

    I didn’t know about the SyncThing Fork.


    This is such a great list, saving and installing a few!

    Adding on (and likely seconding a few):

    • 2048: game
    • Aegis: for 2Fa stuff
    • AntennaPod: second this one
    • AnkiDroid: Flashcards, the Anki project is huge and extends way past android. Worth exploring if you want/need to memorize things
    • Droid-ify: Fdroid client I use, but I keep the main app installed too
    • Eat Poop You Cat: game to be played in a group
    • Feeder: for RSS
    • FFShare: for compressing photos/videos before sharing
    • FlorisBoard: The keybaord I liked, although I don’t use it full time
    • GPTAssist: Frontend for chatGPT
    • Material Files: File manager
    • Native Alpha: Have websites run like apps, while isolating each site
    • OpenFoodFacts: A bit buggy, but it’s similar to OSM but for food
    • RetroStack: Another game
    • SDMaid SE: Same dev from the popular playstore one, is rebuilding a better one from scratch, AND it’s now FOSS
    • SkyMap:
    • Survival manual
    • Termux
    • Translate You
    • UntrackMe: To redirect Tiktok/Twitter/Pinterest/etc. links to the frontends
    • URLCheck: Highly recommend getting this one to clean trackers from links
    • Unitto: Calculator of choice. I explored a bunch before settling on this one

    For OSM specifically, I second the ones mentioned. Here are some other OSM related things:



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  • helenslunch,

    The only apps that work on iOS are from the Apple Store.


    Formatting, please 😅


    Thanks for the recommendations, especially URLCheck. I already had FDroid and have been trying to figure out an easy way to clean tracking URLs.


    Glad to help! It works really nicely


    The version of t-ui (Linux Command Line Launcher) is way better on there than it is in Google Play

    neonred, (edited )

    Foxy Droid: alternative F-Droid-Client but with the classic and for me much more accessible UI of the old F-Droid-Client. Uses the exact same repos. Can be downloaded using the normal F-Droid-Client, which then can be uninstalled


    I’ve just seen Droid-ify is a fork or at least pretty similar to Foxy Droid, so I’d recommend that, too


    AntennaPod for podcasts KeepassDX for a password manager LibreTorrent

    And remember to donate the developers :)


    Are there any alternative repos I’m missing out on guys? I just took everyones advice and started using f-droid lite. Noticed you can add repos so I’m curious

    cupcakezealot, avatar

    get neostore too (front end for f droid)

    shrugal, (edited )

    Droid-ify: Same functionality as F-Droid, same repos etc, but with a much nicer UI.

    Xtra: Alternative client for Twitch with support for blocking ads.

    LibreTube: Native Android client for the alternative YT frontend Piped.

    uis, avatar

    Newpipe, OMaps, Jerboa, VLC, zxing/barcode reader.

    1984, avatar


    Matth78, avatar

    Agree with all suggestions. I didn’t see any image viewer so my recommendation for that is to use Aves.

    yessikg, avatar

    Lato (downhill snowboarding game, a little rough around the edges but fun)

    Rabbit Escape (a game similar to Lemmings)


    A new app I’ve tested is Spotube (Spotify open source alternative).

    This is super misleading. Spotube isn’t a Spotify alternative, it uses Spotify metadata and streams the audio from youtube.


    Edited. Thanks for the correction.


    Thank you! They advertise it pretty confusingly, I didn’t figure it out until I saw a reddit post explaining.

    ammonium, (edited )

    Really? How does it do that? Not everything on Spotify is on YT is it.


    Hmm, I think this is a bit deceiving from the developer. I have premium but just want an Android client which doesn’t force podcasts on me :(


    Aaand now uninstall it again and try F-Droid Basic. Its the version of F-Droid using modern libraries, which is way more secure. Featurewise that means modern apps have automatic updates

    Annoying but thats why I always recommend to install that APK instead. You can just install it from F-Droid.

    I tried all other F-Droid clients and they all have some bugs. G-Droid is discontinued but had an awesome rating system, Neostore has cool features but seemed buggy, Droid-ify is just fancy and has many repos preinstalled (but deactivated).

    The lack of 3rd party repos being already in the menu with just a click away is the only problem with the official clients.

    DeltaTangoLima, avatar

    I switched to Obtainium some time back, and ended up uninstalling all F-droid clients altogether.


    Yeah no way. I found it nearly unusable, and many great apps are only on F-Droid

    DeltaTangoLima, (edited ) avatar

    Lol - I found it far from unusable, but no worries. Obtainium also supports F-droid apps, so I get the best of both worlds.

    burgersc12, (edited )

    Obtainium - update manager for FOSS

    Droid-ify - a nice and simple F-Droid frontend

    Seeker - SoulSeek downloads music

    ViMusic/BlackHole/InnerTune - Youtube Music

    Antennapod - for podcasts

    Florisboard - a keyboard, great for basic use (no predictive text/autocorrect) and has swipe function

    Breezy Weather

    Material Files


    Acode - text editor

    Bitwarden - password manager

    Librera - pdf/ebook reader

    Kvaesisto - Launcher thats similar to Niagara, but FOSS

    Mull - a privacy centric browser

    K-9 mail

    Read You - RSS reader

    Simple Notes - not related to Simple Mobile Tools btw

    Newpipe x sponsorblock - youtube but less annoying

    Lemuroid - almost any emulator you would want (except GameCube and Wii, use Dolphin)

    Tachiyomi - Read manga

    AL-chan - keep track of watched anime/manga with AniList

    Showly - keep track of movies and shows with Trakt


    Is Florisboard still being developed? Hasn’t been updated in 18 months according to F-Droid. Some buttons generate a TODO pop-up when pressed and the predictive text still uses placeholder values.


    There is development being done still on suggestions. Last i heard is there would be news once thats completed

    DeltaTangoLima, avatar

    Yeah - this is the feature we’re all waiting for.


    Do I need Droid-ify, Obtaniun, and F-Droid Basic? Feels like there’s a lot of overlap there, no?


    If you want them, but you don’t need but one of them. I like Obtainium the most as it updates from Github and F-droid, but i find Droid-ify makes it easy to search for new apps so i like to have it. I never liked F-droid Basic, but i would pick between that and Droid-ify for the best looking front end


    Droidify does the same thing as F-Droid but with a waaaay better interface…

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