Didn’t Interspecies Reviewers also surpass FMA for a while?


As it deserves to


I don’t get how Fullmetal consistently ends up one of the highest rated anime. Yeah it’s okay, above average. Kept up a consistant level of quality. But no way is it one of the best.

Just like Kaguya-sama, Demon Slayer or AOT. Makes no sense.

They’re entirely emotionally uninspiring and none of the characters are really even likeable.

I will never get the anime community.

Frieren on the other hand I get. It’s good. I can see why people like it.


Because for some reason, FMA happened to have a VERY dedicated fanbase at MyAnimeList and they do everything to keep FMA at #1 every time a new anime replaces it

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Yeah it being No. 1 is nothing more than a meme at this point. You know an anime is good when it manages to reach the top spot for a few weeks, like Frieren now or Bleach when it came back.


Nah the admins of MAL are simps for it and literally bot the thing.


that makes sense, I noticed it’s usually way further down on other sites. I think it’s just people who haven’t watched much, not knowing what an actually good show is like.

It’s Shōnen afterall, I used to like bad shows too when I was young and dumb.

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