bart, avatar

Copy/paste keeping source formatting by default... Seriously, who ever thought this was a good idea and how did this persist so long on so many platforms?

metallcorn, avatar

@bart didn't get your statement

Ctrl+c make copy as it is. And I think getting data+ formatting is cool

Ctrl+v make paste as it is

Ctrl+Shift+V paste text only, without formatting

Or what do you mean?

peturdainn, avatar

@metallcorn @bart sorry I'm used to ctrl-c / ctrl-v for so many years, the extra feature should be another key combo

For example when I copy lines from VScode to a mail, the rest of what I type after it also has a black background, but I only see that if I'm not using dark mode on the email client. No I'm not going to change every incoming mail to plain text either.

Want paste with formatting, make that ctrl-shift-v

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