I have yet to be disappointed by anything I have watched on Apple TV, I am so here for this.

Ghostalmedia, avatar

I guess the only thing that disappoints me is what I haven’t been allowed to watch on Apple TV. Example, allegedly centering Jon Stewart. That leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

That said, the content that is there is pretty high quality. They’re filling a void that has been left by HBO and AMC.


I did not even know Jon Stewart had a show on Apple TV until after it was canceled.

navi, avatar

I’m all for it.

I’ve really enjoyed For All Mankind.


Have you watched any of their other sci-fi? Foundation, Invasion, Silo (I feel like I am missing another one)


(I feel like I am missing another one)

I'd categorize them primarily as thrillers, but Severance and Dr. Brain are also both sci-fi (and both very good).


I have not watched either of those yet. But will add them to my list.


Severance is really special. There is a season two coming, but it was delayed for a variety of reasons.


That show is a bit of a mind fuck. It is excellent but one hell of a mind fuck.


Severance maybe?

navi, avatar

I need more Severance!!


Silo, Severance, and See are all very good.


See is the other show I was missing.


The show is great. I think one thing that killed me is when they killed the Baldwin’ child. It just seemed so unfair in everything, Karen punishing him, the car doing a hit and run and Ed being so far away.

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