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I've been doing Arduino things for the past dozen years or so, and I was a huge supporter of the Arduino organization, and I still use the Arduino IDE, but I've mostly moved away from their boards in the past five years. I've used a lot of Teensy boards over the years (hundreds, actually) and the occasional UNO, Nano, and Micro, but the Raspberry Pi Pico has been my go-to board in the past few years, and I work in education where the micro:bit seems to really be taking off. It's a shame, because I'd love to see Arduino continue, but not as a closed-source company.


Arduino was what brought me into microcontroller programming. I used it during my studies and in a lot of private projects.

When seeing their “Pro” boards for the first time my first thought was “This is not the Arduino how it used to be”.

So far I bought original boards from time to time to donate a bit of money that way, but with their recent decisions I’ll probably focus on cheap clones, now. Arduino is no longer alone in this segment. The Raspberry Pi Pico is a nice and cheap open source platform which is a pretty interesting alternative.


Raspberry pi also uses C++ right?


Exactly. The Pico can be programmed in C++. But if you like, you can also program it using MicroPython.


Say what? Well it is sorry to see this but other boards are available.

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Corporate greed is eyeing the digital commons of FOSS. The ethos of FOSS is under attack, as the ‘public parks’ of coding are being sold to the highest bidder. A land grab on our shared digital resources, reflecting the worst of unchecked capitalism. We must resist this commodification of communal knowledge and innovation, in defense of a truly democratic digital world.


This sell out to a proprietary group is nothing new in the FOSS world. There’s plenty of examples like MySQL going to Oracle. Fork the last open version and continue marching.


I really like adafruit products, in this space. They’re open source hw and sw, too.


This is sad as someone who is in the engineeeing field

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This is bleak.


That sucks…For those interested, here’s a direct link to the article mentioned by the person in OP’s link: blog.adafruit.com/…/when-open-becomes-opaque-the-…

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